38 weeks pregnant

Your pregnancy is coming to an end. From your 38 weeks of pregnancy, you will soon lose the mucous plug, which will announce the delivery! Stay relaxed and take care of yourself …

38 weeks pregnant
38 weeks pregnant

38 weeks of pregnancy: where is your baby?

You enter your 38 th week and baby reaches the end of its growth. Its size is about 50 cm, and its weight varies between 3 and 3.3 kg. As early as this week of pregnancy, Baby’s reflexes are coordinated, and a blackish substance (meconium) has accumulated in her intestines. It consists of ingestion of amniotic fluid during pregnancy. It will be eliminated after birth in the first stool. From now on, its bone marrow is at the origin of the manufacture of its red corpuscles and its white corpuscles. His liver took care of it until now.

38 weeks of pregnancy: and the mother’s body in all this?

Your pregnancy is coming to an end, and you are going to give birth from one day to the next. Between fatigue and nausea, your body makes you feel it. Under the action of your hormones, the joints of your pelvis will relax to facilitate childbirth. You may feel some pain during this week of pregnancy. If these strains are essential, do not hesitate to speak with your doctor.

On the other hand, during this 38 week of pregnancy, you can also lose the mucous plug. This substance located at the entrance of the cervix protects the fetus from infections. The loss of the mucous plug is most often heralding imminent childbirth.

During this 38 week of pregnancy, you continue to feel some contractions. If they are regular, within 10 minutes in a row, it means that work may have started. Then go to the maternity ward.

Getting around becomes very difficult at this stage of your pregnancy. You want the baby to tip the tip of his nose … Take care of yourself: have a massage, put on cream, take the time to make a scrub … You will see less time pass! Try to rest as much as possible and enjoy your quiet moments for a bit of sleep.

Fun fact this 38 th week of pregnancy: you have a crazy need to store your home! Nothing should drag, and the sight of a sock on the floor makes you crazy … Do not worry, this new passion for storage is characteristic of the end of pregnancy.

38 weeks of pregnancy: what to do?

As during week 37 of pregnancy, you will have during week 38 to make a urine test. On the other hand, enjoy your free time to check that your maternity bag is ready! Are expected: a toiletry bag, a pack of sanitary towels, a dryer, substantial underwear (especially panties), two pajamas or nightgowns, three pretty and comfortable outfits, a dress for the city. Maternity outing, towels and finally breastfeeding bras(if you are concerned about breastfeeding). And for Baby, count five bodysuits, five frogs or pajamas, a little hat, a sleeping bag, socks, small vests and a cute outfit for the outing. Do not forget all necessary documents such as your medical file, your maternity card, your maternity registration form, your family record book, your antenatal certificate, your identity card or passport, your card social security, your CAF beneficiary number and your blood group card.

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38 weeks of pregnancy: Did you know?

The first liquid secreted by the chest after delivery is called colustrom. The milky rise corresponds to the early arrival of the transition milk and is often stimulated by regular Baby suctions and proper hydration. The milky surge usually occurs two to three days after delivery. The real milk will arrive after a fortnight. It takes about three to four weeks before baby’s milk ups, and baby’s needs synchronize.

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