Baby: Beware of Excessive Heat

Before two years, the body of the baby regulates the heat badly. High temperatures can be very dangerous. Our advice to protect it well and know how to act in case of hot stroke.

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Baby: Beware of Excessive Heat
Baby: Beware of Excessive Heat


In children under 18 months of age, this accident can have serious consequences. Signs of a heat stroke are discomfort with drowsiness, drowsiness, diarrhea, even convulsions and even coma. The fever is high, often above 41 ° C. Dehydration is the immediate risk and requires hospitalization to correct the internal disorders caused to the body and to treat the discomfort.

In the infant under six months of age, call the pediatrician at 38 ° C of fever, between 6 months and two years, worry as soon as the temperature exceeds 40 ° C.

Heat Buttons

This rash is found in children who are overly covered or if the outside temperature is too high. Small red spots appear on the back and around the waist, which swells like small blisters. Only refresh the atmosphere, cover it even more lightly or leave it naked and clean locally with water and acid soap. If the pimples persist beyond 3-4 days, consult your doctor.

No beach in the hot hours

Heat stroke occurs when the child has remained too long in a confined or overheated environment: in the sun or under a parasol in hot weather, in a poorly ventilated train compartment, a car, a pram with a closed top … Avoid the risks; several measures must be observed: between 12 pm and 4 pm, do not take a baby under two years on the beach. Even under an umbrella, the reverberation is intense and the temperature of the air too high. In the sun, protect his head with a hat. Avoid long journeys by car if your vehicle is not air conditioned.

Maximum Hydration

As often as possible, drink your baby, water (or milk if it is still breastfed), but also liquids rich in mineral salts such as fruit juices and occasionally Coca Cola (no light drinks “, With synthetic sweeteners not recommended for children). During the meal, favor foods rich in water such as cold soups, entremets. Water consumption for a young child during the day is usually one liter per day, which can be doubled in warm weather.

To refresh it, Avoid cold baths or wet clothes that can cause a thermal shock. You can soak the legs and arms of the young with a sponge glove or use a fogger.

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