Buying Guide baby carrier for newborns

If it is more visible to wear the baby as soon as he is seated and he holds his head, the means of porting from birth exist. Several models are available on the market, they are not all identical and do not provide the same comfort of porting to the parent as to the child. We will make a comparison of existing models so that you can choose and purchase the perfect baby carrier for your newborn. Here is the guide to buying baby carriers by

Buying Guide baby carrier for newborns
Buying Guide baby carrier for newborns

What equipment from birth?

The baby slings are probably the best way to bring a baby from birth. Indeed, by their material and their ability to fully encompass the body, they provide support and support very suitable for toddlers.

Choose a baby carrier from birth

It is sometimes difficult to decide which one to choose. A mother, who has worn her child for nine months, is eager to keep in touch with him. As the first month a little sleep a lot, it is easy to make him sleep against himself.

Then you must first determine why you want a baby carrier. Will he serve you to take and pick up your children at school, will you use it to go about your business, to go shopping quietly?

All these elements are essential to make your choice.


What is an ergonomic baby carrier?

It is above all a model that, since birth, respects a form adapted to the person who wears and the body of the child. He must adequately support the newborn’s buttocks, respect his natural winding position and support his spine satisfactorily. It is also essential to monitor that your airways are clear so that you can breathe peacefully.

For the wearer, it is necessary that the position is high and close to the body, for a respect of the center of gravity of your baby. The comfort of the wearer will be improved because the baby will look much lighter than in the arms. The weight distribution is also more balanced.

Types of baby carriers


The structured baby carrier

This is the most popular type of baby carrier on the market. It is equipped with buckles, straps, straps, and fastening. You must be careful when choosing one because some models do not allow a proper position for the baby. Some will also have to be adapted for a newborn.

The mei-tie

This baby carrier is a compromise between the sling and the structured baby carrier. It is composed of a piece of square fabric with two straps forming a belt at the waist and two long straps to attach to the shoulders. It fits comfortably, but if you want to wear a newborn, be sure to choose a model that allows the necessary adjustments.

The baby carrier slung

This baby carrier is used on one shoulder only. Some models are made of a single piece of folded fabric on itself that forms a pocket. Others are adjustable through rings. In both cases, this type of baby carrier installs very quickly and is ideal for brief moments of portage. The fact that all the weight of the baby rests on one shoulder makes its use uncomfortable for a long time. Some of these carriers have a fixed size, which does not allow them to be used by two carriers, not the same size.


This baby carrier is merely a long piece of fabric that must be tied to install the baby. It is, therefore, a little longer and more complicated to install. Once tight, however, the scarf is very comfortable because it spreads the weight of the baby on both shoulders. It can be used for more extended periods of time. There are two types of scarves depending on the fabric of manufacture. The one made of stretch fabric can be used for a newborn, but quickly becomes uncomfortable when the baby is gaining weight. The woven scarf can be used from birth until the age of 3 or 4 years.

Use a baby carrier in winter, a good idea?

A baby carrier is a good option in the winter, as your child benefits from your body heat. However, make sure your feet and hands are well protected.
However, baby carriers with a baby’s back should not be used in winter because the child is more vulnerable to wind and cold.


You have seen it; it is entirely possible to quickly find a suitable way to carry baby from birth. It’s up to you to consult our comparison of existing carrier solutions and also read the opinions of the users who have tested them to get an idea of the ergonomics, practicality and even the solidity of the model you have chosen. All you need to do is get hold of the baby carrier which, in addition to keeping your baby safe, ensures optimal comfort for both the infant and the wearer.

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