Choosing the best bottles for breastfed babies

Since the appearance of the baby, parents try to surround him with care and attention, to provide appropriate care, to create ideal conditions for his growth and development. Foremost is the choice of quality products for a newborn. This applies in part to the first container for the baby. Thus, bottles for feeding newborns are used by all parents, regardless of how they are fed (HS or IV). If the baby is breastfed, the containers may be useful in cases where the mother must be absent. Then she pre- expresses breast milk after which dad or grandmother can feed the baby without problems. If the child is on artificial feed, then without some bottles and do not do it. This baby food is also necessary for dopaivaniya child Vodicka. In connection with this urgency of using this table item among young parents, it is quite natural to ask how to choose the right bottle for a newborn and what to look for when selecting.

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Choosing the best bottles for breastfed babies
Choosing the best bottles for breastfed babies

Criteria for choosing a bottle for food

When selecting baby bottles, first of all, you must pay attention to the quality of manufacture of this product. To protect the child from inferior quality products, it is recommended that bottles and accessories be purchased at pharmacies or specialty stores for children. On these products must be a certificate of quality.

Preferring a particular model, you must consider several points:

  • size / volume;
  • form;
  • equipment;
  • maker.


In the first months of life, children drink both no more than 90 ml of milk and 50 ml of water. Therefore, for the first time, you can buy small bottles of food – from 80 to 150 ml. They are compact and do not cause problems during operation. Some mothers also believe that it is better to choose full models rather than small models, as they are convenient to handle and wash and treat.


You wonder what form a baby bottle should take, many parents do not agree. Some believe that the most optimal is the so-called “anti-cage,” which has a curved shape. Others think that you must buy standard cylindrical bottles. The main point that young parents should consider when choosing a form is the simplicity and convenience of washing and treating. The bottom line is that this dish is washing well and quickly.


The material from which the baby food containers are made is no less critical. The most common material for making this baby food is plastic.

Advantages of plastic bottles :

  • lightness;
  • fast treatment;
  • A variety of models.


  • boiling the plastic can release substances harmful to the body;
  • Plastic bottles must frequently be changed;
  • In case of prolonged use, microcracks may form in the plastic.

There is also a more reliable material for making children’s dishes – glass. However, glass bottles are not so standard on the shelves of kids’ supermarkets. Nevertheless, they are trendy because of their long-term use and the possibility of sterilizing them for a long time without fear for the baby’s health. Their only drawback is that they are quite heavy and can be broken if they are not careful.

Orienting in size, shape, the material of children’s dishes, it is essential not to forget the manufacturer. Parents prefer to buy bottles of recognized and recognized brands.

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The best baby bottle manufacturers

The following manufacturers provide the best baby bottles:

Philips Avent– this particular company gives preference to mothers when choosing children’s dishes. The products of this manufacturer are characterized by a wide collar, compactness, anti-roll valve. The goods pass all necessary testing and certification procedures.


Dr. Brown is another favorite brand. The concave shape of the bottles of this company makes it possible to obtain an anti-winding effect. Dc goods. Brown has a unique ventilation system with a tube that prevents swallowing of excess air during feeding.


Nuk – recognized by young mothers as the best manufacturer because of the high quality of manufacture and durability. Almost all models have a bright color, attracting the attention of both parents.


Chicco Nature is the manufacturer who cares about the maximum compliance of the feeding process with breastfeeding. This effect was achieved with the help of a first physiological nipple, which makes feeding a newborn enjoyable and straightforward.

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