best high chair: our advice for choosing it

Baby grows up and will start to discover foods. It is time to select a high chair in which he will be able to take his meals like a big one while being comfortably installed. The choice of a high chair design is also compared to the interior decoration of the house. From 6 months you will be able to fit your toddler well wedged in a high chair to begin diversification. The child will be able to use his wooden highchair in a classic version until about three years old. It is recommended to make sure before purchase that it is well secured and equipped with a harness high chair.

best high chair: our advice for choosing it
best high chair: our advice for choosing it

What is a baby highchair

When your baby reaches a certain age (from 6 months old), you can already put him to eat so he can get used to family meals. To do it, is it on the chairs of adults that your little one should settle down? Will it be comfortable on these seats?

These are the questions that lead us to the discovery of baby highchairs. Baby high chairs are specially designed chairs for babies to allow them to sit correctly at the table safely. These are perfect seats to give even more comfort to children. They accompany your baby until he is about three years old. Also if you do not necessarily admit it, it is a little disturbing to have to hold the baby on the thighs for when at the table.

Thanks to the baby chair, the child learns to be independent at the table. It’s a comfortable accessory that gives the baby the opportunity to be at the same height as you while being perfectly secure. It makes it even more memorable to share a family meal.

The benefits of a baby high chair

Any parent will appreciate the opportunity to have a baby high chair as it confers tremendous benefits. These benefits vary according toInfantastic baby high chair model of the chair, but everyone will agree that thanks to her, the baby will sit well at the table without leaning forward and be safe.

Outside mealtimes, the baby high chair will allow him to play with you without falling. It is a natural accessory to use, maintain and transport depending on the model you choose.

This is ideal for allowing your baby to sit. Opting for a baby chair is the perfect solution for him, as for you, to give him his meal simply and pleasantly.

There are models that are easy to clean because they pass without difficulty in the machine. Opting for babies high chairs, it also allows him to share moments at the big table!

How to choose a baby high chair?

Without being complicated, it is not very easy to choose a baby high chair. There are several types of high baby chairs that have various features. You must look into your needs to find the one that suits you best.

But before getting there, check if the chair meets the safety standards NF S54-007. If the chair that looks aesthetic does not guarantee your child’s safety, it’s not worth it because this parameter is PRIMORDIAL (and all chairs that I test meet of course the safety standards). Safety and comfort are the main criteria that you must check before making the purchase.

A high chair must necessarily be equipped with an adjustable 3-point safety harness, as well as a removable shelf (it is better to be able to put it in the dishwasher), also flexible.

The legs of the chair must have a small adjustable pad. This will allow it to be adjusted in height while installing it carefully about the floor. Also, you must ensure that your choice is an adjustable model.

The model you choose should be high enough, and therefore good quality finishes. It is indeed a purchase for the long term, so take a model with good finishes.

A baby high chair must be stable. Of course, your baby will not spend all his days in a chair, but he must be well settled.

In short, the choice of your baby high chair will depend on the criteria of safety, comfort and according to your preferences and desires.


The different types of high chairs for babies

There are several types of high chairs for babies, each with their specific features. I propose a small summary of different kinds of high baby chairs.

Wooden high chairs

They are designed in … wood, and are characterized by their robust side (beechwood) and usually cost, they cost little. This type of chair is very often heavy. Its hard seat is not reclining. The disadvantage is that it is not adjustable in several heights, but it was on the old chairs. Now, and thankfully, it is possible to find some models of wooden chairs that can be adjusted to different heights such as the Badabulle high chair.

Plastic highchairs

Plastic high chairs are comfortable. They are compact, can be folded easily and put away in a corner. They are not expensive and can also jabber. Indeed, a rag to clean it and the trick is played.

The simple high chairs

They are simple and do not follow the growth of your child. At certain ages, your baby will not be able to benefit because they are just useful for his first meals. To be discouraged, therefore. They are old chairs, and they are no longer marketed.

The evolutionary high chairs

They accompany your baby following his growth phases. Their seats and their poses are adjustable, and they tilt easily. It is a real asset for your baby. Their safety harnesses and removable trays provide your baby with comfort while being safe. It’s the favorite highchair for many parents, and for me, it’s also the case. There is no better than this type of chair. A real pleasure to have a high chair at home.

All these models of chairs offer excellent comfort to your baby. They are quite practical for both mother and baby. Given their characteristics, their prices are quite advantageous. I think we all agree that having a high chair for your baby is essential! Now you have everything in your possession too easily choose the next chair for your child. I think it will be easy for you to find your happiness among all the models that I have been able to test (well, it is especially my children who have checked all that !!).

Let us guide you with our expert advice …

Safety standards

  • Your baby’s highchair must comply with NF S54-007 safety standards, which define the height of the backrest (more than 35 cm).
  • Check that it is stable but also that its hinges are inaccessible to the fingers of the child, to avoid any risk of pinching.
  • Its seat volume must be sufficient for children over two years old.
  • Good to know: it must have 3 points of attachment in case of low fixation (pelvis and crotch) but 5 points of attachment in case of high obsession (pelvis, groin, shoulder).

Highchair: security side

  • Place the high chair on the floor on a flat surface.
  • Also check that your child can not push on his legs by resting on a piece of furniture, a stool or a table for example, and do not let anything hang within reach of his hand.
  • Attach the harness as soon as you install your child.
  • Never leave it unattended by an adult. If you have to go the room, even for a few moments, take him with you.
  • The meal is ready; you also have proper cutlery and a soft and washable bib? You are ready!

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