best toys for 6 month old: how to choose?

Around 6-7 months, baby learns the controlled movement and the sitting position. This is the time to offer him a unique toy six months (and more) On the program: the activity board, the ground toys, the big cubes of construction …

ฺBest toys for 6 month old: how to choose?
ฺBest toys for 6 month old: how to choose?

six months baby toy: how to adapt it to its stage of motor development?

Your baby 6 months continues to amaze you! It must be said that in just a few weeks, he made significant progress. And as if that were not enough, his awakening is about to go crescendo. In the program of the coming weeks:

  • he learns little by little to disengage his hands and to seize several objects at the same time,
  • He can take an object and approach it off his face. At six months, gesture and vision coordination is put in place.
  • he gradually masters the sitting position – he begins to crawl
  • he is interested in pictures
  • he starts his dental surges.
  • he grasps the objects with his thumb and forefinger
  • he is experimenting

Standing upright along a wall.

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Baby toy six months: how to adapt to its stage of awakening?

Many physiological upheavals to which are added significant stages of the awakening of the baby. From 6 months, your baby:

  • discover his power on objects: spear, makes them disappear …
  • is afraid of foreign faces ( anxiety of the 8th month )
  • he likes to read stories, even if he does not understand all the words.
  • he imitates voices, mimicry
  • he likes listening to comps and melodies. The awakening to music full swing.
  • he can pronounce one or two right words (10 months): baby begins to learn to speak!

The baby toy of 6 months: which one to privilege?

So that baby continues to flourish and grow, it is better to offer him toys specially designed for his age. From 6 months and up to 11 months, the baby will love:

  • the activity board
  • the floor toys that allow the manipulation and develop the address, and that the child explores on the carpet: cubes, bowls, buckets plastic, toys for shaking, stacking, recessed (tumbler cups), wooden or plastic washers to slide on an axis …
  • rubber toys, teething ring …
  • music boxes
  • cloth balls and small plastic balloons
  • the favorite stuffed toy (around eight months) big building cubes, songs CDs, and MP3s, cardboard books with pictures, picture books …

Focus baby toy six months: bath toys

Give bath to the baby, what a pleasure! Baby ‘s love for water is widespread and will not fade over the years … and that’ s thanks to the bath toys partly! At six, Baby knows catch and hold objects in his hand, and he remains seated. Result: he loves to play in the bath. And the choice of toys is vast: duck, plastic cup, boat, cubes, colander … you can even divert objects like a small plastic water bottle or a wet glove to spin. What amuses most Baby: see the water flowing, the objects float and be a little splash!
If babily is not comfortable in the water, fill the bath very little and put lots of colorful toys on them: there is a good chance, with a bit of patience, that curiosity will prevail over his apprehension.

Shopping Guide for Baby toy six months and older:

  • Buy first age toys
  • Buy an awakening mat
    These are the games of stimulation and awakening par excellence! They confront baby with different sounds, textures, … Your child will be able to grip them, and they constitute a synthesis of what he learns every day: shapes, textures, colors … It’s a real territory of exploration for baby! And his senses will be stimulated efficiently: sight, hearing, touch; he can give it to his heart. They also often include mirrors, where baby can discover his image and develop his self-awareness. Specialists advise however not to invest in a game that combines gantry and mats. It’s better to have two, separated from each other.
  • Buy a rattle
    This is the first toy that will stimulate and develop baby’s senses: when he shakes him, he will quickly understand that there is a relationship between the noise he hears and the movement he has to make to listen to it. Also, rattles are often soft objects so pleasant to the touch. Sometimes they are also made of rubber, which is practical: baby can then test his cheeks and nibble at will the rattle. They are also easy to catch, perfect for your little one’s developing motor skills. Our advice to choose your rattle: it is better than it is light. Otherwise baby will have trouble shaking it.
  • Buy bath toys

Many toys produce sounds, often voices. Again, these are not details or trivial criteria; this is to stimulate the baby word: sometimes we can be surprised at the first words of the baby!

Do not forget to take into account the personality of your child and choose according to his tastes. Indeed, to select toys that will stimulate him and make him think is good, but he must have fun with! For example, why not take him with you to test some objects and see the ones he likes to interact with? This will help you better understand his desires, see what interests him instinctively, in short, to understand your child!

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