best toys for 9 month old

You’ll love encouraging and supporting your nine-month-old to discoveries and experiences. Functional toys will reward your child with fun surprises … and you with a broad smile on his face that seems to say “It’s me who did it!”

Best toys for 9 month old
Best toys for 9 month old

Your child’s progress of 9 months:

  • He adjusts his movements, building on a piece of furniture to keep his balance.
  • If a ball rolls towards him, he can try to catch it.
  • His movements are more controlled and varied.
  • He communicates with signs, waving his arms to say goodbye, or raising them to ask to be hugged.
  • He can follow your eyes.
  • He reaches out to catch a toy without falling.
  • He is more skilled with his hands and can now pass an object from one side to another.

Toys and game boards

Toys to stack, sort and assemble

How to help your child progress?

  • Build and play. Build a stack of blocks for your baby and one for yourself. Stack your blocks, indicating to your baby who is at the top and who is at the bottom. Encourage your baby to play, either by asking him to help you build your stack or by making his pile. Your baby will surely have fun destroying your pile … again and again!
  • Simple forms. Start by sorting simple shapes. Let your baby take the time to find the right place for the round shape, then continue with the simple ways to finish with those that require a little more manipulation. This will help your baby gain self-confidence.
  • Introduction to colors. Use the various features of the toy to introduce your child to colors; show him a color and name it.

Toys that promote motor development, such as standing or walking

How to help your child progress?

  • Make way. To make your baby’s movements more comfortable, make sure there are no obstacles on your way to the toy.
  • Reinforce language development by describing all of your actions as you play with your child: “Do you see the green ball going up and down, and who is moving forward and back?”
  • Make it a game and participate by giving it back to your toys as it pushes or throws them
  • Stimulate your baby’s enthusiasm and memory by drawing attention to surprise events: “Where can the ball be?” Even if your child is still very young, it will boost his ability to anticipate an event.

Toys to handle

How to help your child progress?

  • What do you think? Show your child how to use the toy, then encourage him to do the same: “I turned the knob … now, it’s yours!” You think we’ll hear something if you press the button? “Simple mechanisms will catch your child’s attention and encourage the development of his excellent motor skills.
  • So many colors! Help your child recognize the colors by pointing to each of them and slowly saying their names. You can then show your child objects around him that are the same color: “You see, your shirt is also red.”
  • Progress further. Later, your child will be ready to recognize letters, numbers, and shapes. You can encourage him in this learning by showing him letters, figures and forms present on the toy, then using everyday objects.

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Toys promoting language development

How to help your child progress?

  • Talk to your baby as often as possible. He will enjoy hearing your voice, and you will encourage him in his speech development.
  • Exchange through dialogue Start the conversation, then wait until your baby stares at you and responds with babble. Answer something to help him understand the concept of discussion.
  • Imitate the babble of your baby, they are essential to him to learn how to make noises, to distinguish the different sounds and to combine them.
  • Start reading stories to your baby from an early age to convey the pleasure of reading. When you read a story together, point to the pictures and encourage them to do the same. Imitate the sounds of animals and any other element present in the book.

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