How to choose a booster seat for a table?

The booster seat is an ideal equipment to allow baby to eat around the table with the whole family. The booster seat is also convenient for traveling with friends, on vacation or at the restaurant.

How to choose a booster seat for a table?
How to choose a booster seat for a table?

Can be used from 12 or 18 months depending on the model, booster seats are usually plastic (easy to maintain), or partly fabric (in this case, remember to check that they are removable).

Several criteria

  • Measure the width of the chair: the booster seat should not be more extensive than the seat of the chair for its stability.
  • Adjustable: the seat can be adjusted in height to adapt to the growth of your child.
  • Tablet: it is usually removable to follow the evolution of baby.
  • Harnesses: they can be at 3 or 5 points. The bottom line is that baby is always attached to his booster seat.
  • Foldable: convenient to carry.
  • Activity tray: to occupy and entertain baby.

The nomadic booster

  • Fabric booster: they are machine washable, light and easy to carry. The fabric booster fits all types of chairs but remains a booster.
  • With storage: the seat opens to store baby stuff.
  • Transport: most of the nomadic booster seats have the particularity of being transformed into small suitcase very practical for your displacements.

The table seat

Unlike the booster seat, it is fixed directly on the table. We must remember to check that the thickness of the table is compatible with the chosen model. Depending on the model, the table seat can also be foldable for transport and space-saving.


How to make a booster seat for a table

This baby seat system is used around six months and is installed on a traditional chair so that the baby is up to eat. These enhancers are often used in booster seats when on vacation or that one goes to the grandparents. Some of these baby seats can be used from 9, 12 or 15 months. Small in size, this booster is very convenient for transport.

Your child is cramping the highchair and wants to sit at the table with you. Either you use cushions to support the child, which can be dangerous, or you can get a booster seat to help the child sit in the chair without having to peer up. Better yet, build one yourself, it is easy to do, and it will give you the feeling of accomplishment.


  1. Take the two small pieces of wood and lay them in parallel to each other. Then take the two longer pieces and parallel them but join smaller pieces. You will end up with a square; then you just nail it together. Remember, you can always adjust the size of the parts according to the size of your chair.
  2. Put the square you have built flat in front of you and then put the two pieces of foam on top of the square. The two parts of foam pass over each other so that the foam is 8 inches tall. It retracts when you put the vinyl on top.
  3. Now take the vinyl piece and lay it in the middle of the head of the foam. Fold one side over the moss beyond the wood, then underneath. Mark with the pencil. Turn the wood on and then the mark you have on the vinyl will be reduced by about ½ inch so that the vinyl will be shorter on the booster chair.
  4. Nail the plastic on this side. The nails go on the bottom, so no pins are present to hurt your child later. Then take the vinyl and nail the other hand to the bottom. The idea is to have the plastic closely match over the foam, so there is no sag.
  5. Turn the seat over and make sure it is all the same. You should have the right vinyl. Now the third side is a little tricky. Pull down, but you will have a flap that comes out on the corners. Tuck the flip on both sides also under the vinyl and glue the ends, so that the plastic will not come out.
  6. Now, you will nail the third side of the vinyl down, then repeat the procedure for the fourth side. When you’re done with it, get your child to try the new booster seat.

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