Which breast milk pump to choose?

Electric or manual? Double or single expression? All women are different, and there are several kinds and brands of breast pumps. For the experience to be right, you have to make an informed choice.

Which breast milk pump to choose?
Which breast milk pump to choose?

A question of use …

When it comes time to choose a breast pump, a first question, beyond the price, is needed: what use do you want to make? Expressing your milk, of course, but there are other factors to consider.

Is it to draw your milk when you are engorged, or to relieve you during your outings without the baby? Do you plan to pull your milk every day to make reservations? Is it only to allow your dear half to taste too, from time to time, the joys of feeding baby? Perhaps you will have to return to work quickly while continuing breastfeeding? In short: do you think you need to draw your milk every day, several times a day, or just occasionally (once or twice a week, for example)? The use you make of your breast pump should help you choose the right one.

An important purchase

It is often advisable to wait after the birth of the child before proceeding with the purchase of the breast pump, which can be quite expensive. This will allow you, among other things, to see how your breastfeeding is going. After all, it is somewhat difficult to predict your milk production or to know in advance how the baby will react to breastfeeding or bottle feeding: factors that may influence your use of the breast pump. With this in mind, you can rent a breast pump (in pharmacy or CHSLD). This gives you the chance to test the device, to see if it suits you and if it fits your needs. As we mentioned, a breast pump is a considerable expense and if it does not suit you, know that it is neither refundable nor exchangeable.

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Manual breast pump

Small, light and affordable ($ 40 to $ 100), the manual breast pump slips easily into the bottom of the handbag and crawls everywhere, during your outings with girlfriends, no baby for example. It makes no noise and is discreet when it comes time to relieve engorgement in a public toilet quickly. That’s why many women like to have a manual breast pump on hand for sporadic use.

However, if your milk production is low, you may have a little more trouble with the manual breast pump, which sometimes has less suction. Usually, it is offered with a flexible container or bottle in which you can collect your milk directly, before feeding your child.

Negative point: some users find it too slow (up to half an hour to draw about four ounces of milk). That being said, with practice, it’s not slower than the electronic breast pump.

Electronic breast pump

Most electronic breast pumps operate on a battery and usually have an adapter for the power outlet. It is a single breast pump (one breast at a time) and, like the manual breast pump, is perfect for occasional use (occasional waterlogging, exits, milk supply). A little more expensive than the manual breast pump (between $ 120 and $ 200), some find it faster and have the impression of succeeding in expressing milk more efficiently thanks to it. Discreet, it is also dragged very well in a bag and imitates the rhythm of sucking baby.

Double expression electric breast pump

The double-breasted breast pump is a favorite among mothers and is intended for weekly use. Perfect for the mom who works outside, while continuing to breastfeed! Faster, more powerful, it is also noisier and does not carry as quickly as the manual or electronic breast pump. It is also more expensive (between $ 200 and $ 350).

Some women with small breasts or who do not produce a lot of milk have found it painful to use. Specialists recommend using a breast pump that graduates the suction force since often it is the strength of the pumping that hurts the breasts.

Professional electric breast pump

The professional electric breast pump is intended for everyday use, several times a day. It is usually used by mothers who are separated from their child (preterm birth or illness) and can not breastfeed. This is the breast pump that is found in hospitals.


There are several brands, at several prices. When you have chosen the type of breast pump you want to buy (manual, electric, double-expression), go around. Most of the brand’s breast pump models ( Madela , Avent, Lansinoh, Evenflo …) are sold with the necessary accessories you will need. In the case of an electric breast pump, opt for a breast pump that graduates the suction force. It is essential that your breast pump is comfortable: if it is not, or if it hurts, you probably will not use it. According to your usage, it is a device that will be part of your daily life: whether to give you time to breathe a little, to increase your milk production, or to allow you to return to work with peace of mind … In short, all the reasons are right to take the time to do well choose it!

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