Baby does not want to sleep: natural remedies to help her

Children are considered to be “big sleepers,” especially during the first few days of their lives, but in reality, baby sleep can take several months to stabilize. It happens then that child does not want to sleep, cries as soon as you sleep it or that its phases of sleep are very short … Fortunately, there are several natural remedies to help baby to sleep well.

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Baby does not want to sleep: natural remedies to help her
Baby does not want to sleep: natural remedies to help her

Patience first! When baby does not want to sleep, patience remains your main ally, especially if he has only a few weeks or months left! To help him stabilize, it is best to respect his sleeping rhythm, even if you have to shake the regular schedules … Do not wake him to get him to eat, for example. Too bad, he will suck a little later. In the same way, do not try at all costs to make him sleep at a particular time so obviously, he has no desire. Over time, you will see that baby’s sleep will become more and more regular …

Establish a sleeping ritual. To help baby find her marks, you can create a small ritual before bedtime. For example, always give her a bath to relax, then give her a big hug by talking to her softly, sing her a lovely lullaby … Ultimately, all these little moments of tenderness repeated daily should help her Find his way more quickly to the arms of Morpheus!

Make your room a haven of peace. Maybe baby does not want to sleep because too many stimulations keep him awake? To make him fall asleep, put all the chances on your side: his room must be quiet, protected from noise, lights too bright (a night light can reassure baby) and even odors too marked as those ‘ Sometimes, it may be useful to separate the dodo corner and the play area by a curtain or a screen: a story that the baby is not excited by the sight of his toys … Another important point for a child to make Goodnights: it must not be too cold or too hot. Ideally, the temperature of the chamber should fluctuate between 18 ° C and 20 ° C.

Relax with a massage. This method has proved successful in many babies: gently massage the back of his head and his back for a few minutes before bed. Relaxed and serene, the baby will have more chance to fall asleep.

Tricks to reassure baby. A comfortable baby has every chance to make beautiful dreams. Moreover, what better way to reassure him than the presence of his mother? The trick: wear a blanket several hours on you to impregnate your smell before slipping it in the cradle … Baby will be able to feel your presence and will fall asleep more quickly. Moms also install a small alarm clock near their child, so that the regular ticking of the needles imitates the beating of their heart … Another advice for infants: swaddling, which comforts baby by giving it the impression of being Again in contact with the uterine walls. Although this method is often useful, it is not advisable to swaddle baby too long: He should not restrain his discovery of the world! In practice, you can do this for up to about two months … Also, it is recommended to seek advice from a midwife or a pediatrician to know how to swaddle baby properly.

Think of the orange flower water. This natural remedy is often used to calm children: it could also relieve the infant ‘s colic. For a baby to fall asleep, it is advisable to dilute a few drops of orange blossom water in his evening bottle. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice on the most appropriate dosage for your baby.

Herbal tea with plants. Another trick 100% natural to help baby to sleep: replace the water of his bottle with a soothing herbal tea, like a herbal tea with chamomile. If needed, your pharmacist can also advise you on other types of plants.

What about homeopathy? Homeopathy is child-friendly and can provide real relief in case of difficulty sleeping. If the baby has a light sleep (the slightest sound wakes him up), Ignatia is often recommended. For sleep problems related to dental flare, Chamomilla is more recommended … However, the best is to ask your homeopathic doctor for advice.

Osteopathy can help baby sleep. Thanks to gentle manipulations, the osteopath can relieve many small baby ailments. These include colic, regurgitation, and difficulty sleeping. So do not hesitate to call on osteopathy if necessary: it is sometimes enough of a single session for baby to finally make his nights.

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