Choose best toddler toys
How to choose the toys of our children? Countless hours in the aisles of toy stores, not easy to find the “good toy.”

That speaks to you? The classic scenario every time you try to choose something for your child or in general every time you want to make a purchase.

What to choose? Which toy is suitable for his age? Your child asks for a particular toy? Should we buy him?

What are the criteria for choosing a “good” toy?

Choose best toddler toys
Choose best toddler toys


Today children grow up too fast and quickly come out of childhood.

It is essential to choose toys that correspond to the age of the child but above all that contribute to its excellent sensory and psychomotor development. The purchase of a toy must be guided by the needs and tastes of each child. A toy is a tool for entertainment and event.

  • Naturally, the choice belongs to the buyer, the selection of the toy is based on its own aesthetic and its criteria. Otherwise, the toy please first at the person who ach you.
  • Another parameter is the desire of the child, which must be respected as much as possible. If this hope is “reasonable,” fits your budget, remains of good quality, suitable for the age and needs of the child, do not hesitate to make him happy.
  • The sex of the child can also influence your choice. Most toys are for boys or girls and rarely for both genders.

Criteria for choosing games

To make the right choice, you must first compare the toys. Opt for a toy that will entertain your little one, but that also develops his skills, his sensations, favors his imagination and his creativity … There is no “rule” to find the ideal toy. Here are some tips to help you:

  • The toy must be adapted to the age of the child (especially for toys intended for children under three years old who may contain small parts or threads that could be dangerous).
  • Avoid cloth toys and stuffed toys as their name suggests. They can be harmful to babies and quickly become microbe nests.
  • The toy must match the child’s personality. Respect the “tastes” of the child and help him to cultivate them. For example, a boy who likes construction prefers to play with building blocks rather than football.
  • Offer your child a “variety of games.” Each type of game can develop a unique know-how in the child. The child must learn to work collectively and share through the collective games, also think about the games of the companies. It is the ideal solution to play with your family!
  • There is no need to buy overpriced toys. The expensive toys are not necessarily the best, and also a child does not make the difference!
  • Check that the toy is not dangerous, check small parts, accessories, and components. Be very careful about the build quality.
  • It is better to buy a single good quality toy instead of buying several but of dubious quality! In this way, you educate your child to appreciate the excellent quality, and you give him the taste of beautiful things.

Buying a toy is not child’s play.

  • Make sure the toy is safe (no sharp edges, no toxic material, no small parts that the child can inhale …)
  • Is it resistant? Is it easy to use? Is it easy to clean?
  • Is the manufacturer reliable?
  • Look on the box or packaging for the CE conformity standard. It is a guarantee that the toy meets the requirements of the European Union.

Spending a lot of money will not make your child happier. Children are not attracted to the price of a toy; they just need to choose something with care and love, regardless of its price.

Often children are attracted to toys that appear in commercials. If you think they meet the requirements, you can buy them. But beware! Advertising is not a criterion of purchase!


1-year-old baby toys

Babies of this age begin to walk, can sit without support, roll, watch their turn, are excited by new stimuli … They love to play with:

  • Balls and balls
  • puzzles
  • Dolls and small animals
  • Building blocks
  • Themed toys (farm, house-family) … with big accessories preferably
  • Small cars
  • Pyramids with rings

Toys for children from 2 to 3 years

  • Blocks, bricks and building cubes
  • Materials for artistic activities (pencils, non-toxic modeling clay).
  • Vehicles to be mounted on it
  • Dinettes and kitchen utensils
  • Coloring and painting equipment
  • Small train
  • Pedal vehicles
  • Small animals are very popular with children. (Make sure the plastic is of good quality)
  • Tools and DIY tables
  • Musical instruments

Create with your baby!

Your baby is growing every day; he is becoming more and more active! All around him is new, and he is pleased to discover all these things that catch his attention!

Little by little, he begins to react more and more to bright colors, cheerful patterns, forms that arouse his interest. This is how he starts to control and coordinate his movements.

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