Choosing your portable baby bed

When traveling with babies or young children, we must, of course, think about the travel stroller, the baby carrier hiking but the other must-have is, of course, the travel cot.
Whether it’s a trip to the other side of the world or a dinner at a friend’s house, the portable baby crib is a must-have for every nomadic parent!

Choosing your portable baby bed
Choosing your portable baby bed

the criteria

What are the criteria for choosing a travel cot for baby and child? It all depends on how you travel and how you use your nomadic bed. If you travel by plane or train, it’s better to go for the lightest travel bed model on the market: the Phil & Teds Traveler Bed with its 3.2 kg is one of the brightest baby travel beds in the world. is. If you travel very little and do not use the travel cot at home, it is better to invest in a cheap bed with good value for money.

  • Lightweight travel cot
    Weight is the enemy of travel, especially if you do not travel by car but also by train and plane with a baby. Choose a nomadic bed of less than 10 kg. The lightest beds but also the most expensive is less than 5 kg.
  • A compact baby crib
    Whether in the trunk of the car or on the plane, it is necessary to pack all baby travel cases and parents. We are quickly congested and overwhelmed by baby travel accessories. Before buying your nomadic bed, take a close look at the dimensions of the folded and unfolded bed.
  • Nomadic bed pop up
    We know the parachute that deploys in 3 seconds: it is on this same principle was designed the revolutionary system of pop up, first applied to tents and found for much nomadic equipment. And it’s handy! Your bed pop up unfolds and folds in a jiffy. Once folded, the bed is compact enough to fit in the corner of the suitcase, car or hanging on the stroller. In principle, the pop up folded bed forms a slab with a carrying strap that makes it easy to carry everywhere.
  • Folding travel cot
    This is one of the essential criteria for choosing a travel cot: the bed must be comfortable and quick to assemble and disassemble. Always take the first hand to unfold the travel bed and fold it. It is better to practice at home several times before going on a trip. But the assembly and disassembly should not be part of the Chinese puzzle.

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Price and frequency of use of the travel bed

The costs of baby travel beds are a big difference, one-to-one.

For an extra bed that you will occasionally use as a spare bed, it is better to use the cheapest beds without sacrificing baby comfort.

If you are often in the mop for traveling or going on weekends, then do not skimp on the price and feel free to use the bed at home to amortize your purchase. Better a single bed robust and comfortable for baby than two beds of poor quality.

Are you worried that the travel cot is not too designed for the nursery? In recent years, the bees travel bumpers have taken colors, are sometimes also adorned with cool patterns. They are much more attractive than before.

Baby nomadic bed accessories

This is the plus of some travel cot: accessories are sold with the bed. Some beds are equipped with a changing table, a booster to save your back. Some models have useful pockets for storing baby’s things. There are also models with mobiles that clip on the edge of the bed.

Do not do with the bed mattress

You bought your baby travel bed, but you are disappointed by the mattress you find too thin: do not give in to the temptation to add a thicker mattress! Mattresses are not thick on purpose: they meet safety standards to limit the risk of sudden infant death. By adding a bed, you also take the chance that the child goes under because the dimensions will not fit and he can choke.
And you, what nomad baby bed you want to choose, what travel cot do you use for your mops family?

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