10 steps to having beautiful breasts before and after pregnancy

Having firm breasts is not given to all moms? Of course if provided you master the subject! Some secrets to share to have beautiful breasts that last after baby!

Breasts that fall after pregnancy? Rest assured, this is only a cliché, because of pregnancy while being a delicate period, will not fatally damage your breasts. These ten golden rules will help you take care of your chest during and after pregnancy, with ease.

10 steps to having beautiful breasts before and after pregnancy
10 steps to having beautiful breasts before and after pregnancy

Shower your breasts … with cold water

Cold water is sovereign for the body. Upon application, it acts as a tensor by tightening the pores. This “grandmother’s trick” naturally restores the peach to your cleavage. Provided you repeat the operation every day! We do not deny the enormous amount of courage that it requires, but it is worth it! In contrast, avoid baths or jets of hot water that produce the opposite softening effect. In addition to inflating the legs …

Wear the right bra

Choosing your bra correctly is essential. He must wrap the breast, do not compress the rib cage, have adjustable straps. Choosing the wrong size can, in the long run, damage the beauty of the chest.
You must find the one in which you are most comfortable and do not settle for one or more. To know precisely what are your measurements do not hesitate to take advice from a professional.

Massage your breast

It stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal through a gentle circular massage. So toned, the skin of the neckline stays firm longer. To optimize the results, it is suggested to add the application of a firming cream or a bust tensor.

During pregnancy, protect your breasts from the sun

Topless and intensive tanning during pregnancy is to be avoided. In topless, your breasts are not supported and protected from movements that damage the breasts. Moreover, on the skin side, we know the damage of prolonged and repeated exposures. The sunburns on such fragile areas are very harmful, they can in the long term cause moles undesirable, malignant melanoma type, etc.
Putting a 50 anti-UV and anti-free radical index cream is a good start, but it is somewhat advisable to wear a pregnancy swimsuit. It is highly recommended to protect this area from extreme sensitivity.

Moreover, especially during pregnancy, the pigmentation of the skin can play you ugly turns in case of indiscriminate exposure (masks pregnancy, and not only on the face …).

Watch your weight gain

As much as possible, it is necessary to limit the changes of weight, but it is true that the slimming or the enlargement of the breasts involve some risks mainly with the level of the elasticity of the skin. Which does not appreciate the yoyo and shows you, with friendly stretch marks.

During pregnancy, it is essential to wear bra adapted to this inevitable change in volume. You can also invest in an anti-stretch mark cream. Argan oil is also beneficial.

Pamper your breasts

If you want to breastfeed, do not hesitate to ask your questions to breastfeed midwives. There are some in all maternity wards (some are more advanced than others on the subject: it is up to you to find out when choosing motherhood).

The goal is to teach you the right positions to care for your breasts, but also your back, your neck … To protect your nipples irritations due to constant humidification, do not forget to dry your nipples. Moreover, possibly apply cream between each feeding. No self-medication! Ask the opinion of a specialist!

Breastfeed without fear

The breastfeeding even has a considerable advantage. It makes it possible not to make the tissues of the breast suffer too much variation between heavy and bulky breasts just before birth and breasts whose milk is “cut” after birth and which quickly become “empty.”
What damages the tissues, are the variations of volume or weight. We advise you to invest in breastfeeding bras.

If you choose to breastfeed, the trick is to stop gently over weeks, or even months (and yes!) And especially not in a fortnight, or you will suffer from blockages, stretch marks, and cracks that may indeed leave traces after.

After the diaper return, do a targeted gymnastic

The sport cannot hurt if we are adequately equipped! Again with the right bra, there is a series of exercises practiced with the Rubber-Band, a specialized elastic (also at Go Sport or Decathlon), weights or a “doctor ball” that allow both to strengthen and stretch the muscles that support the chest. These muscles are essential to give firmness to your breasts.

Be attentive to your posture

Indeed, we advise you naturally to be careful to keep you upright, tummy tucked in, especially if you sit for several hours behind your desk.

Do not hesitate to practice regular stretching found for example in some yoga postures.

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