First Baby Shoes: buy without mistakes

Choosing shoes for a baby who is not yet and whose size is unknown can be tricky … During his first months, your toddler can do without shoes. We explain everything.

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First Baby Shoes: buy without mistakes
First Baby Shoes: buy without mistakes

Shoes, yes, but when?

According to some specialists, it is better to wait for the child to walk for three months, at the risk that the foot does not muscle. Others think, on the contrary, that you can put it on as soon as it stands or at certain times. In any case, at first, do not hesitate to leave Baby barefoot or in light shoes. This will allow him to find his balance more easily and to muscle his petals. Also, enjoy the holidays to walk on sandy or grassy grounds. In this way, his feet will learn to contract, to improve his stability.

First sandals at one year old

” At nine months, my son wanted to get up, it was in winter, so I bought leather slippers with zippers so that he did not remove them. I can not wait to get to know him, but I do not know what he is doing. fact.” Guillemette – Bourges (18)

When to change shoes?

Your child will never tell you that her shoes are too small and hurt her feet. So, between 1 and two years old, you will have to buy her new shoes every four or five months. Better to know and plan on a budget! Also, always prefer the quality to the cheap. You have undoubtedly heard lots of tips to “save” like buying a size above to earn a pair because “his feet are growing so fast.” Error ! It must never be too large; walking is not yet gained for your little bit. Learning with inadequate shoes would not make it easier for him to do so;
Question size, use a pedimeter: Consider putting your child upright as his a muscle. will quickly gain an inch. Before buying, make sure that the scale of the boot is perfect, you must be able to pass your index finger between his heel and the back of the shoe.

Do you not have a pedimeter? Put Baby standing, barefoot, on a large sheet of paper. Draw the outline of her feet, cut out the shape and compare it with the shoes.

How fast do Baby’s feet grow?

Now that her first shoes are adopted make sure to grow her feet regularly. Your baby will change in size quickly during its first two years. Remember to check the wear and deformations from time to time to ensure optimal support. If you are concerned, consult a chiropodist before age four is useless, because nothing is definitive and it evolves very quickly.

Some numbers

  • An infant wears shoes from 12 and shoes are available from size 16. For small, it is advisable to choose a size greater than a good cm to that of the foot. Thus the toes do not overlap, and the foot has all the place to spread out.
  • At 18 months, boys’ feet measure half of what they will do once they are adults. For girls, this comparison is made in one year.
  • Around 3-4 years, the adult approach is acquired.
  • The size of Baby changes every two months until its nine months then approximately every four months.
  • From 2 years, the foot gains 10 mm per year, a size, and a half.

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