He cries every night …

That is it! The afternoon ends, here your baby begins an interminable concert of tears. This is his way of evacuating the stress of the day. The ideal remedy? Calm … when possible!

He cries every night ...
He cries every night …

Every evening, at dinner time, around 6-7 pm, your baby starts to cry, and you can not comfort him. The pace gets faster, and your toddler screams with! Rest assured, this scenario is not an exception. These end-of-day crying are very common between 1 and three months (then they tend to decline). They were even given a name: the “dysrhythmia” of the evening.

Why does he cry in the evening?

  • He has taken habits in utero. Warm in your belly, it was indeed in the early evening that your future baby was the most agitated and that he gave more kicks. It is continuing its momentum.
  • He struggles with the day/night rhythm. During the day, your toddler regularly alternates sleep and awake periods. However, it happens a moment, precisely at the end of the day, when the system is fluctuating, where alternation is no longer possible. Your baby is then the victim of a “runaway” of its awakening system and no longer knows how to stop it. It is hard to get to the rhythm day-night.
  • He runs away. Stress is also not foreign to this phenomenon. Throughout the day, your infant accumulates tensions, like everyone else. Except that he can not evacuate them by going around the block running! After the solicitations of the day, his system of awakening is racing, and he no longer knows how to control it. So when the cup is full, it drives as best it can with the means at its disposal!
  • Sometimes it hurts. These evening crying can be caused by pain. A suffering baby shouts particularly acute and shrill, easy to recognize. It is enough that the last bottle was drunk a little fast for a little rot is stuck! Nothing is more painful for your baby than a pocket of air blocked in the stomach or esophagus: because of the lengthened position, it can not go up to find the way to the exit.You may also be interested in: Help, my child wakes up at night

Evening pangs, how to soothe it?

  • Relax! The best way to console your angry child is first to calm you down your side. Needless to for example to take it in your arms if you are completely tense. You would only accentuate her discomfort. Leave your baby in bed, isolate yourself for a few minutes in another room, time to regain your spirits, practice a few moments of abdominal breathing or listen to a piece of soft music. Then you can intervene.
  • Rock him. Since your baby needs to let off steam, give him some movement. Of course not by shaking him inconsiderately, but rather by rocking him gently in his pram or deck chair. You can also walk it up against you in the house, well installed in his kangaroo.
  • Bath him. The warm water and the sound of the lapping are often very soothing for irritated nerves. As if the tensions were going down the river …
  • Avoid bottle feeding. Resist the temptation to calm him by “filling” his mouth and stomach. If he eats more than necessary, he will suffer from digestive disorders … and he will cry even more! You also have to accept to do nothing and wait until your baby calms down on his own once he has cried all his drunkenness. Of course, by approaching your cradle regularly to speak to him gently, assure him of your presence and thus reassure him.
  • Massage her stomach. If it squirms in all directions, visibly suffering from the stomach, you can also massage the latter with a circular movement of the flat of the hand. That should relieve him. Moreover, if it seems to you to have very bad, without you to be able to appease it, a call to the doctor imposes then. There is no shame to pass the relay!
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