How to choose the best baby bottle warmer: The complete buying guide!

The different types of bottle warmers

There is a multitude of bottle warmers. Whether you are at home or on the move, warming up the baby meal is no problem!

How to choose the best baby bottle warmer
How to choose the best baby bottle warmer

Standard bottle warmer

This is the most perfect device. Timeless, it has adapted to new ways of life of parents. It is precise, easy to use, fast and universal (fits baby bottles of all brands). For example, the Beaba Bib’Expresso is equipped with a thermo-sensitive probe that precisely controls the temperature in the very heart of the bottle or baby pot. It welcomes all types of bottles (glass, plastic or silicone). Its technological innovation 4 in 1 is such that it sterilizes lollipops and thaw!

A bottle preparation system provides a ready-made baby bottle in 2 minutes. It distributes beforehand the exact amount of tap water it filters by removing all impurities and bacteria. It even heats the formula at body temperature. Its adjustable support fits bottles from 150 ml to 340 ml.

Express Bottle Warmer

It is like an espresso machine, but it is an express milk bottle. In 30 seconds, it warms baby’s milk to an ideal temperature of 37 ° C. The flow of the water is at the touch of a finger in such simplicity that it is now possible to keep baby in his arms.

The flow of water naturally mixes the milk powder for perfect homogeneity. Equipped with a self-cleaning system with steam, it cleans itself. At the end of the cycle, it emits a bright and audible signal warning that the meal is ready!

Bottle warmer

When traveling, this kind of bottle warmer is useful. He can warm the bottle or potty without electricity. Just place the meal in the container filled with hot water from the bottle provided with it, and then attach the lid. The design is comfortable, safe and effective because, in 2.5 minutes, a bottle of 175 ml is warmed!

Bottle warmer car

Entirely dedicated to car travel, it has an expandable cable and plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car. It is simple to use but the preparation time long (10 minutes by car against 90 seconds at home). However, its design is convenient because it is installed in the cup holder or the windshield. And put in the glove box!

Wireless bottle warmer

It’s a bit of the star product of the last years. It works without energy source and is reusable to infinity. Easy to use, it activates by twisting the capsule and reactivates by sterilizing it either electrically or in boiling water. The heat is preserved thanks to its cover made of neoprene and its isothermal interior. Nomad with his carrying handles, he evolves in the isothermal pouch.

The benefits of the bottle warmer

The bottle warmer is an investment of choice. A true culinary tool, it accompanies parents in their daily life with babies by facilitating the preparation of meals. The process is simple: it delivers a meal at the ideal temperature. The reheating of the feed is done yet gently and homogeneously.

The risk of burns no longer exists, although it is recommended to check the temperature before feeding the baby. Also, the nutritional qualities of milk are respected, and vitamin intake assured. The versatile object, it warms, thaws sterilizes. He cares as much for formula milk that dissolves better in warm water than for temperature-sensitive breast milk.

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The criteria for choosing a good bottle warmer

As in any thoughtful purchase, some criteria must be observed before defining one’s choice.

The type

The bottle warmer must adapt to the lifestyle of the parents. Whether you are nomadic parents or homebody, there is necessarily the device that suits you. If you are faithful to a bottle brand, your choice will stop on the corresponding product. If on the other hand, you do not have to decide on a brand of baby bottles, the best is to choose it universal so as not to be limited.

The heating time

It will depend on the chosen device, nomadic or express. From minutes to seconds. Some are smart and calculate the warm-up time based on the amount and type of food.


Of course, it is a criterion of choice. Choose a CE approved bottle warmer that meets the safety requirements. Currently, there are devices that signal by sound and light the end of reheating and thus avoid accidents due to heat released.


It depends on the properties of the bottle warmer. Often equipped with a sterilization system, it hosts a pacifier basket or an additional location for this action. It also depends on the number of bottles or small pots to heat simultaneously depending on whether the family has chosen a device suitable for their twins or children close to age.

The price

It will be fixed depending on the brand, the features, its capacity … This is an essential criterion because, given the number of childcare products that we want to buy for the comfort of our toddlers, we sometimes have to think about the budget compared to the daily use of the device.

Precautions for use

Apart from the fact that the bottle warmer must meet European safety standards, the parent user must take precautions necessary for its proper use. Before feeding baby, test the temperature of the milk by pouring a drop on the inside of your wrist. And a bottle of milk that has been opened cannot be kept for more than an hour.

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