How to clean your car seat?

Between snack, regurgitation accidents and traces of shoes, your car seat sees all colors! How to clean it without exposing your toddler to chemical residues?

How to clean your car seat?
How to clean your car seat?

Careful to keep a car seat clean, especially if used daily. Is your model removable? Machine washing will be easier, provided that some dirt is removed beforehand. If, on the other hand, the fabric can not be deleted, here are some tips to clean your car seat without resorting to competitive products. In fact, since your child is in contact with the tissue, especially in summer, it is better to avoid exposure to chemical or even toxic residues.

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Classic car seat cleaning

If there are no distinct traces, thoroughly aspirate your car seat. Then clean it with a sponge soaked in hot water and Marseille soap. Alternatively: put a few drops of liquid black soap on the sponge. Rinse and dry in the open air or if necessary with a hair dryer if you are in a hurry.

Clean vomit spots on car seat

One pulls his white vinegar, the great trick of grandmother to the thousand uses! To say goodbye to the traces of regurgitation of your last one (after having, of course, wiped off the surplus with a clean cloth), prepare a mixture ½ l of white vinegar, ¼ of warm water and two tablespoons of organic dishwashing liquid or black soap. Dip your sponge and rub on the fabric of the car seat, then rinse and allow to dry. Good news, this preparation will also clean your rear seat and the chairs of your vehicle. Indeed, this cleanser also helps to get rid of other conventional spots. You do not have white vinegar, and you need to clean your car seat in an emergency? Another solution is sparkling water. The small bubbles will act by removing the dirt.

Cleaning the grease stains on the car seat

Among the essential natural cleansers: baking soda. Pour bicarbonate over the stain, rub with a brush to make it penetrate the fibers. Leave for 4 hours, then suck. Moreover, now, your spot of fat has disappeared!

Clean the car seat thoroughly

To clean a car seat naturally and thoroughly, nothing beats a steam cleaner. You can also add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to scent.

Making a natural disinfectant

To obtain a natural multi-purpose disinfectant (useful for any accident, especially with your baby’s diapers), based on essential oil, you must mix in a 100 ml spray: 30 drops of tea tree essential oils, two tablespoons white vinegar, then top with water. Simply spray your car seat with this natural disinfectant. Leave on for a few minutes, then wipe with a rag. Effective against mold, this solution also allows you to get rid of bad odors.

The opinion of Pierre Popowski, pediatrician-homeopath, on the use of essential oils for maintenance:
” The properties of the tea tree, Melaleuca alternifoliate, are well known. This product is antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal. , The only known contraindication is the allergy: rare, but possible, in contact with the child, but in view of the full spectrum of anti-infectious activity, the benefit / risk balance is largely in favor of ” So I do not see any danger in this disinfection practice of the car seat, especially at a time when we are discovering the increasing incidence of bacterial resistance to antibiotics . ”

Finally, if you use your car seat daily, consider cleaning it twice a month.

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