How to clean your stroller?
The stroller is probably THE most used child care equipment by young parents, especially during the first year. Strained, it requires care. How to clean it, without damaging it, at a lower cost, while protecting the health of your toddler? We tell you everything …

Summer and winter, your toddler spends much time in his stroller. Carried in the car, stored in the stairwells, walked on the sidewalks and country roads, it also absorbs the crumbs of the snack and small accidents of any kind. Microbes and bacteria must be enjoyed! These are good reasons to do a regular cleaning of your stroller (which is more so if you bought it second hand). What products are used? How to do it in the case of the recalcitrant spot? Follow the guide…

How to clean your stroller?
How to clean your stroller?

Clean a removable stroller

The simplest case! The lucky ones just have to unscrew their stroller, remove the cloth and machine it (by first looking the washing tips). For stubborn stains, always dry with Marseille soap or with a few drops of black soap. Rub, leave for a few minutes and machine. Then let it dry in the open air.

Attention, it is possible that some items are machine washable, such as the seat, but not the backrest. Remember to check beforehand.

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Basic cleaning of the stroller

If your stroller is not removable, moisten a sponge with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid (preferably organic). Otherwise, use black soap. Rinse, then allow to dry in the open air. If you are in a hurry, use a hair dryer.

Complete cleaning of the stroller

Start by vacuuming all the dirt on the seat and back, using the small end of your vacuum cleaner if necessary. If you have a steam cleaner, use it on your stroller, adding a few drops of tea tree essential oils if necessary.
If not, then carry out a necessary cleaning of the stroller.

Remove a stain of fat on his stroller

To get rid of a biscuit or chocolate stain put on baking soda. Pour bicarbonate over the stain, rub with a brush to make it penetrate the fibers. Leave for 4 hours, then suck.

Remove a vomit stain on her stroller

Long live the white vinegar! To remove any traces of regurgitation (after having, of course, wiped off the surplus with a clean cloth), prepare a mixture: ½ l of white vinegar, ¼ of warm water and two tablespoons of organic dishes or black soap. Dip your sponge and rub on the stroller cloth, then rinse and allow to dry.
You do not have white vinegar, and you need to clean your stroller in an emergency? Another solution is sparkling water. The small bubbles will act by removing the dirt.

Complete cleaning with essential oil

If you are looking for a natural and multi-purpose product, this preparation is made for you!

Mix in a 100 ml spray bottle: 30 drops of tea tree essential oils, two tablespoons of white vinegar, then top up with water. Then just spray your stroller with this natural disinfectant. Leave on for a few minutes, then wipe with a rag.
In addition to cleaning effectively, this product also removes mildew (useful if you have bought a used stroller or if you want to sell yours that has been stored in a damp cellar).
Another advantage: this homemade spray also gets rid of bad odors!

The opinion of Pierre Popowski, pediatrician-homeopath, on the use of essential oils for maintenance: ” The properties of the tea tree, melaleuca alternifoliate, are well known: antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal … The only However, in view of the full spectrum of anti-infectious activity, the benefit/risk balance is largely in favor of the tea tree And sodium bicarbonate, so I do not see any danger in this practice of disinfecting the stroller, especially at a time when we are discovering the increasing incidence of bacterial resistance to antibiotics . ”

Clean the rain cover, the metal structure and the wheels of your stroller

Well, we must not forget the other elements of the stroller. For the rain cover, a clean rag soaked in white vinegar will do the trick. For the metal frame, first, dust it with a clean cloth or with the small tip of your vacuum cleaner. If there is dirt, pour a few drops of white vinegar on a sponge or a soft cloth and rub.

For rust stains, rub with an onion cut in half: a trick of grandmother that has proved its worth.

Regarding the wheels, care is taken to remove the hair which could be lodged in the axis of the wheels. Ideally, they are disassembled and cleaned with white vinegar, which is also an excellent remover for sliding parts and ball bearings. At the level of the wheels (these nests with microbes that can spread to you if you store your stroller inside), use the spray cleaner multi-use with essential oil of tea tree.

Natural Tip for Stroller Wheels

Be aware that if you impregnate the wheels with white vinegar, they will have a better grip on the road.

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