How to take care of newborn baby

It is perfectly reasonable to worry about the arrival of your baby at home. You will not be the first young mother to have never changed clothes or put on pajamas to a baby. Most of us learned on the job, and we almost all made mistakes! But do not worry. Your instincts will guide you when you need them, and for tasks that are unknown to you, there are always people to help and advise you.

How to take care of newborn baby
How to take care of newborn baby

You will get there!

The first day and even the day after a baby arrives after giving birth may seem daunting for young mothers. After performing the miracle of life, after work, tears of joy at birth, you have an innocent infant in your arms, who relies entirely on you to care for him.

You may have never changed a diaper or even held a small baby in your arms. Here you are with a baby you must take care of from birth, learning on the job. Fortunately, with some advice and excellent maternal instinct, the attention of your baby will soon become natural. You will even be surprised, and you will tell everyone soon that you can not imagine life without a baby.

Take good care of your new baby

How to take care of newborn baby
How to take care of newborn baby

Your dream comes true: you have just been a mother. But difficult to improvise young parents overnight! How to take care of your baby and protect this fragile little thing? All our tips to pamper your child.

Here are some tips to take care of your newborn for the first days …

  • The first sleep of a baby

The first day, your baby will be awake an hour or two after birth, but then he should need a lot of rest. Do not hesitate to keep him in your arms at the beginning. Then when you put it in the cradle, do not forget the safety rules, especially lay it on your back. However, it will take a few months to tell the difference between day and night …

  • The first baby crying

Yes, the baby has just been born, but what crying! Remember, this is his only way to tell you he needs something. So take him in your arms, talk to him and give him what he needs: to eat, to be changed … you will learn very quickly to understand it!

  • The first feeds of the newborn

    How to take care of newborn baby
    How to take care of newborn baby

The first feedings of the baby are essential events of exchange between the mother and the child. For rhythm, it’s simple: it’s at will (often every two hours). Once again, you will quickly learn to recognize the signs of your baby who wants to feed.

  • The first baby changes

You will have to get used to the early turns of baby … there will be many others! Clean her buttocks with a suitable wipe, and use only newborn diapers. And of course, use a proper and secure place and do not leave baby eyes.

  • The first baths of the newborn

    How to take care of newborn baby
    How to take care of newborn baby

The first bath is often taken at the maternity ward, in the days following the birth. Look carefully at what the midwife shows you and ask all the questions. Then there is no need to bathe every day, a daily toilet can suffice. But the bath is such a privileged moment, why deprive yourself?

In any case, ask the maternity midwife for advice if you have any questions. And do not forget, what a baby needs most is a lot of love …

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  • Care for a baby’s skin

The skin of newborns is very sensitive, and you must take care of it. It is necessary to keep it dry and clean. Do not hesitate to change the range after each meal or each nap or as soon as you feel it is needed. Only use the best quality diapers, which absorb moisture well, so it does not stay on your baby’s skin.

Shortly after giving birth, your midwife will probably advise you to use only cotton wool and warm water to clean your baby’s bottom during the first few weeks (if you need to use baby wipes for some reason, check that they are suitable for sensitive skin and fragrance-free). Make sure all the small folds of the skin are clean and dry.

The midwife will also show you how to take care of the baby’s umbilical cord (the end of the cord remains attached to the belly button). The first few days, your baby will not need to take a bath every day. A quick rinse in a few centimeters of hot water every 3 to 4 days will suffice. The rest of the time, a small toilet is perfect (wipe the face, hands, and feet with damp cotton wool). That said, you will undoubtedly have to give your baby a bath when he has expelled his first meconium, sticky black stools produced shortly after birth.

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Never to forget

By following your instinct, you’ll be on the right track, but new parents need to apply some basic rules from the beginning.

  • Support the head, your baby’s neck can not get there yet.
  • Give him food as soon as he is hungry; his little stomach can not yet ingest a lot of food so that it will be milk at will for now.
  • Check that it is not too hot or cold and follow all the tips to prevent sudden infant death.
  • Do not overdo it, too fast. You and your baby need to rest and stay calm for at least the first week. Give your body time to recover and let the world come to you!

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