How to warm up breast milk

You go back to work, go out with friends, go away on a romantic weekend and entrust your baby to his grandparents? Want to continue giving your child exclusively your milk? Well, it is possible!

How to warm up breast milk
How to warm up breast milk

Different conditions for the preservation of breast milk are available to you!

Just follow the rules to ensure that your milk is kept in good shape.

  • At room temperature :

12 hours between 27 and 32 ° C for colostrum (the first 3 days after delivery)
24 hours at 15 ° C, 10 hours at 19-22 ° C, 6 hours at 25 ° C for mature milk.

  • In the refrigerator:

8 days between 0 and 4 ° C
15 days between -5 and 0 ° C.

  • In the freezer:

4 months at -10 ° C (refrigerator freezer compartment)
6 months at -19 ° C (freezer).

For storage of fresh milk, use plastic containers or individual bags, available in pharmacies. It is not necessary to sterilize bottles before use. Careful washing and rinsing are sufficient in the majority of cases.

The milk should always be handled with clean hands.

The milk should never be heated in a microwave oven or boiled, so as not to destroy its properties.

To warm it up to 37 ° C, it must be passed under the hot water tap. It often has a lumpy appearance, and its color can vary from white to brown.

Discuss all of these arrangements with the person who keeps your baby in your absence (maternal assistance, grandmother, nursery nurse) so that you are in agreement with each other. It is a guarantee of success to continue to give breast milk exclusively to your baby.

Keeping and heating breast milk

You can give breast milk directly to your child, but you can also make a stock so that you can give the milk to your baby later. It is important to keep and heat breast milk hygienically. There are several methods, choose the method that suits you best.

Keep warmed-up milk

Philips Avent SCF365 Premium Bottle Warmer
Philips Avent SCF365 Premium Bottle Warmer
  • Water bath

Time 1 hourcomments

– do not store milk in hot water
– give the milk, possibly warm
– discard milk after one hour

  • Bottle warmer

Time 1 hour
– do not keep the milk in the bottle warmer
– give warm milk if necessary
– drop milk after one hour

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  • Microwave

Time use any suite
– discard the remains

ADVICE Thanks to the breast pump, mothers can make reserves of their milk, which will be stored in the refrigerator or even frozen. However, HOW SHOULD WE PROCEED WHEN THE TIME HAS COME TO GIVE THE BOTTLE?

Heat the milk in a bain-marie or by passing it under a net of hot water (but not too much): breast milk must heat slowly and at a temperature that is not too high, as this would alter it is nutritional and immunological).

Use of the microwave oven is not recommended: there is the destruction of antibodies and the milk does not heat uniformly. If you decide to use it, heat at low temperature for a short time. Start with 15 seconds, shake the bottle well, then 15 seconds if necessary. Stir again. Attention: the bottle may look lukewarm while the milk is too hot for baby. • Let the milk rest for one minute at room temperature. Then rub the bottle between your hands to distribute the heat uniformly. • Always check the milk temperature by pouring a few drops on the back of the hand. • If the baby has not been drinking milk, it is best to discard it.

What is the best temperature to give breast milk to drink?

Now let’s see how to warm up breast milk.

The ideal is to warm the breast milk to a temperature between that of the body and that of the room, even if some babies also appreciate it if it is a little bit cold.

The simplest and safest way to warm breast milk is to use a bottle warmer. We advise against the use of microwave ovens, which tend not to heat the milk homogeneously, creating zones more heated that could burn the mouth of your small end. On the other hand, a bottle warmer will allow you to preserve the quality of the milk, by thawing and warming the milk gently and evenly.

Frozen milk can be thawed in a bottle warmer (again, this will preserve the quality of the milk) in the refrigerator, by placing it under tap water or in a container filled with hot water. Do not refreeze once thawed.

If you do not have access to a bottle warmer, you can warm the milk by placing it in a container filled with hot water. Be sure to test the temperature of the bottle on your skin before giving the feed to your little tip.

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