Make him love raw vegetables
Vegetables are a valuable source of vitamins. From that, you are convinced! However, it will be necessary to redouble creativity to bring your little piece to eat every day! Follow the leader.

Make him love raw vegetables
Make him love raw vegetables

Why he does not like raw vegetables

  • At that age, he hates novelty. “Not good” means “know not.” Understand: “I will not eat.”
  • He has already been presented (at the manger, at his grandma’s house), but the form was not there. Remember that anything that is not beautiful is not okay. A big leaf of salad not seasoned in the corner of the plate, there are enough to put off the most reckless gourmet apprentices, right?
  • “It scratches, and it stings.” Raw vegetables are harder than cooked vegetables, so harder to chew. Sometimes, too, the little ones are disgusted by the exaggerated taste of certain vegetables. Not visible to appreciate the bitterness of a salad of endives at two years!

Why make them love her?

  • It is important to alternate the consumption of vegetables, once raw, once cooked, and to provide at least a portion of raw vegetables per day of about 100 g for children from 2-3 years.
  • Fruits and vegetables, naturally rich in water, minerals, and fiber, are probably the most protective foods against a large number of diseases.
  • Raw vegetables contain two to three times more vitamin C than cooked vegetables, such as soup.
  • Learning to eat fruits and vegetables from an early age allows gourmets in short panties to develop their skills to discover new flavors and enrich their food palette.

How to make him love raw vegetables?

The only way to stimulate his taste for raw vegetables is to take the time to concoct recipes flavor.

  • Play the artists by making a beautiful plate: mix the colors (carrots, avocado, red cabbage or white …), opt for the diversity of flavors (mushrooms, celery, endives …), alternate the tender and the crunchy, cooked and the raw (asparagus, cucumber). Take care of the presentation of your dishes (cherry tomatoes so small, so “funny,” carrots cut in the shape of flowers, cucumber balls …). Offer it, picnic way, an assortment of raw vegetables and small sauces to taste.
  • Be “Madame plus”: enrich the raw vegetables with aromatized oils, yogurt sauces, herbs or orange juice instead of vinegar … Do not forget to offer, from time to time, mayonnaise, the kids love it! They also like tomatoes with a salty crunch. Also, combine starchy foods to supplement the salads: some potatoes and vegetables take another flavor! Also – did you know? – the digestive discomforts caused by certain vegetables (cabbage, salsify …) are attenuated by the presence of starchy foods.
  • Show the example. “Miami, these raw carrots are delicious! “But admit that you too, little, hate some vegetables. You can explain to him: “You may not like fennel, we will try later because tastes change. For example, when I was a child, I did not like beets, and now I love them … “
  • Banish blackmail, such as: “You will have your dessert when you have finished your salad. You would only reinforce his attraction for the sweet and his disgust for the vegetables. The opposite of the goal.
  • However, do not panic: it sometimes takes ten attempts, ten passes on the plate so that a child ends up changing his mind and enjoys a new food, raw vegetable or otherwise!

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