Mosquitos: How to protect babies?

The return of heat marks that of the mosquitoes … and the skin so sweet of your child is tempting for these! How to protect it? Fortunately, there are parades.

Mosquitos: How to protect babies?
Mosquitos: How to protect babies?

What protection for my baby?

  • Before six months: a bell mosquito net or long clothes. At home, when your baby is in his cradle or cozy, prefer the mosquito net-bell to the draped screen as it could choke. When you go out, long clothes are the safest way to protect it but choose a loose cotton, so it is not too hot. Most strollers also offer a mosquito net that fits directly on it. Convenient !
  • After six months: opt for baby products. For pediatrician Edwige Antier, it is better to avoid repellent products: “They are never totally harmless.” However, if your toddler is more than six months old, you can use the products available in the pharmacy, specified for “baby,” for the discovered parts, avoiding the hands because your child could put them in the mouth. Spray the repellent in your palms and not on your baby directly, then apply it to the desired areas.
  • Moreover, the mosquito plugs? “The insect repellent contains a defective product. You can use them when your baby is not in the room, as long as you wait until the product is drained before you put it back on. As for bracelets and other ultrasound systems, they are not very efficient and often emit an unpleasant noise for the infant, “notes the pediatrician.

Ouch, a sting! How to relieve it?

  • Before two years: despite your precautions, your toddler was bitten by a mosquito. Rest assured, the buttons do not disturb the smaller ones, and they do not scratch them. If so, you can use soothing and disinfectant creams available in pharmacies.
  • After two years: your child is likely to scratch, and a pimple can turn into impetigo, a skin infection caused by a bacteria. In this case, disinfect the lesions with biseptine. If the button becomes yellowish and forms a crust, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic. This will heal the wound and avoid a scar.

Anti-mosquito products: essential precautions

Electric diffusers, aerosols, repellents to apply on clothes or body … it is important to take certain precautions of use. Be sure to check at what age the product can be utilized and, for aerosols, be careful not to spray too much time, ventilate well after use.

Moreover, the tiger mosquito?

The mosquito Aedes albopictus, or “mosquito tiger,” is now definitively implanted in many departments in France. Particularly harmful, it can, under certain conditions, transmit diseases such as dengue, Chikungunya, and to a lesser extent the Zika virus. However, to avoid any proliferation, remove the stagnant waters that allow its reproduction: eliminate the saucers from the flower pots or fill them with sand, change the water of the vases several times a week and check the proper drainage of the gutters.

Anti-mosquito grandmother’s tricks

The mosquito bites, how to avoid them? Of course, there are wearing long, wide clothes, mosquito nets, repellents … however, also grandmother’s tricks to get rid of mosquitoes. Here are their recipes!

The lemongrass

Lemongrass is well known for keeping mosquitoes away. The active substances of this plant are citronnellol and geraniol, substances that cause disturbances in the nervous system of mosquitoes. Today, the shape in essential oil (the essential oil of Lemongrass java) is easier to handle and use. Put ten drops into your diffuser and plug in.
If you apply it directly to the skin, dilute the essential oil with vegetable oil. Its effectiveness is ensured for 3 to 4 hours.
Do not hesitate to plant lemongrass near doors and windows to prevent mosquitoes entering the house.

Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil

Even more effective than lemon grass, lemon eucalyptus, found today in the form of an essential oil, is found to be more repellent against mosquitoes. Put ten drops of this essential oil into your diffuser and then plug it in.
Another method more efficient still to avoid the bites of the day, put a few drops in your body milk.

The Basilic

Basil is less known, but its smell is also sufficient to repel mosquitoes. Like lemongrass, we advise you to plant near doors and windows. Alternatively, prepare a small bouquet of basil in a vase in your room; this may cause mosquitoes to escape.

The vinegar

It is also not very common, but our grandmothers used vinegar to hunt mosquitoes. Put a few drops on your clothes or your cloth. The smell is not very comfortable but enough to keep mosquitoes away, it is important!

Lemon and Clove

Mosquitoes do not like the smell of lime and clove. To remove mosquitoes from your home, grab a lime and cut it in half. Plant each lime portion of the girofe nails and place it in a cup in your room. This trick has long been considered a natural insecticide.

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