Nanny: the right questions to ask during the job interview

Do not panic; you will get there. To find the right nanny, the one who takes care of the apple of your eyes is no small matter, but it is not an insurmountable task either. A thorough job interview is required for each successful candidate. Overview of questions to ask.

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Nanny: the right questions to ask during the job interview
Nanny: the right questions to ask during the job interview

Nanny: the issues to be addressed during the interview

The time has come to leave your child to a trusted person and to return to work. Recruiting a nanny is a daunting task. After you have selected the profiles that you think fit with what you are looking for, you will now receive the candidates. To make a job interview, because that is what it is all about, can not improvise. It is important that you listen to each potential nanny and ask the right questions. Obviously, the issues are different whether you do a sole or shared custody.

Training and motivation

Do you have any specific childcare training?
How long have you been keeping children?
Why do you practice this profession?

His experience

Can you tell me about your experiences?
What are your references?
Do you agree to give me the details of your previous employers?
Tell me about the children you kept before?
Why did your last guard finish?


How do you make yourself respected? If a child makes anger, how do you react?
If the two children you keep fighting, what attitude do you adopt?
What does a typical day of guard look like for you?
What activities do you do with the children?

Everyday life

Do you smoke?
Are you trained in first-aid gestures?
Take a concrete example: My child is choking, what are you doing? From what temperature does a child have a fever?
Do you agree to prepare meals? Storing the child’s room, taking care of his laundry?


What are your salary expectations?
Would you like to bring your lunch basket or would you prefer it?
Do you agree to work overtime?
When do you usually take your leave?

Hire a nanny

How to recruit Baby Nanny?

Classifieds, word of mouth, specialized organizations … all the ways to find a nanny at home for Baby.

To find your home nurse, the most common practice is to make it look small ads in newspapers, in shops in your neighborhood or on the Internet.

However, you can also go to specialized organizations, for a fee, sometimes high. Inquire at the town hall of your city.

The recruitment of a female employee at home is a very delicate matter since you will not only give her your baby, but also the keys to the house. This mode of guard implies a total confidence in the chosen person, without actually knowing it at the start …

Also, do not hesitate to meet as many people as possible to make sure you make the right choice!

Some tips for effective maintenance

  • The first interview must be carried out in the presence of your child. You will be able to observe his reactions, but also those of your “candidate”: Does Baby seem worried? Does the person smile at her? …
  • From the beginning, show yourself frankly and directly with the future employee at home: specify your professional constraints, your educational principles and the household tasks that you will eventually give her.
  • Take the precaution to identify the contact details of previous employers, to verify the accuracy of their references.

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