HOW TO CHOOSE stuffed animals for babies

Stuffed animals invade the nursery because they decorate the room and stimulate the imagination of your toddler. Choosing a stuffed toy is not an insignificant act because it is necessary to take into account its size and the kind of animal that will become the indispensable companion for the baby, without forgetting the respect of safety standards.

HOW TO CHOOSE stuffed animals for babies
HOW TO CHOOSE stuffed animals for babies


What parent has not already cracked on these adorable hairballs even before the birth of a baby? Bear, dog, cat, the rabbit will make you want to adopt all, and for a good reason. A child feels protected by the stuffed animal. He acts as a friend, confidant and emotional link during your absence. He will be the only one to choose from all his furry companions the one that will have the most important in his heart. Thus, the criteria are purely subjective, they depend a lot on the emotional need of baby but the more his new friend is soft or with long hairs, the more it will be safe and protective. As a result, some parents know how to be reasonable and install a soft little soft toy in the future crib while others opt for a giant plush that will liven up the room. Unlike soft toys, the stuffed decorates the room and comes in various models. Soft, Decorative and attractive, you can choose it according to the colors and the theme of the room. The plush is found in all sizes, and the life-size allows your little one to come and snuggle with him to find peace and play between his paws all comforters. In any case, a soft toy will be there to reassure him and so it must not involve any risk.

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To start, it is essential that the stuffed be adapted to the age of your little one. To do this, take the time to read the labels to make sure it is suitable for the baby. A soft toy must imperatively meet French standards. His eyes and nose must be firmly fixed, just like the small elements that can constitute it. A soft toy must be smooth and hypoallergenic so that baby can keep it permanently with him without risk of irritating his fragile skin. Choose lint that is machine wash. Make sure that the liner is clean and new when you buy a stuffed toy, or at least disinfected. When the fluff is filled with polyester balls, it is necessary that their diameter is less than 3 mm. The seams of the fabric must be particularly high, and the material must be doubled and very strong.


Children have always loved stuffed animals. When the stuffed animal was born, it was a teddy bear that has now taken multiple appearances as the success continues to increase. Thus, both boys and girls feel the need to own a soft toy and have the choice depending on the animal that attracts them more. This faithful companion, whatever its size, will comfort baby in all situations. Throughout its growth, it will stimulate the imagination of your toddler. He will relive his day and the stories you read before going to bed. The soft toy participates in its awakening and accompanies it on a daily basis. Even children allergic to dust mites do not have to be deprived of their faithful friend. Just wash them very often and apply a straightforward trick that is to leave the stuffed several hours in the freezer. If your child has a favorite character, he is likely to be stuffed. The choice is so vast that you can meet his favorite hero and surprise him by offering him his stuffed animal that will become a real companion. Your child will create countless stories and grow in happiness. The soft toy allows your little wolf to express his emotions. Thus, if he encounters a possible problem, you will quickly know watching him play with his friends all dressed hair. The choice is so vast that you can meet his favorite hero and surprise him by offering him his stuffed animal that will become a faithful companion. Your child will create countless stories and grow in happiness.

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