The essential equipment for baby meals: Bottles, nipples, bottle warmer, breast pump, mixer, sterilizer … what equipment should be provided for baby meals? A Guide to Expenditures Related to Baby Food.

The essential equipment for baby meals
The essential equipment for baby meals

In case of breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding, you will need a nursing bra (for at least $25), disposable nursing pads (about $ 10 per box) or nursing pads (around $10). You can also have a nursing pillow (from$ 15 to $80) for your comfort and a breast pump ($ 20 to $ 60).

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Baby bottles

The ideal is to have six at home … and make room in the kitchen! That is right, two might be enough, but you would have to wash and sterilize them several times a day. Up to you!

One tip: go straight to 320 ml bottles, although they may seem a bit tall at first. Those of 150 ml (one or two are sufficient) serve rather for water or fruit juices. Made of plastic, they are light and unbreakable but quickly tarnish compared to glass bottles.

The teats

It is often a headache when choosing: rubber (brown), they are soft and very soft for the mouth of Baby, but after a few weeks of sterilization hot, they become fragile.

In silicone (transparent), they are unbreakable, very hygienic (the dust does not adhere), but stiffer and more expensive.

Moreover, then there are the traditional forms and the so-called “physiological” forms, designed to project milk against the baby’s palace to prevent it from drinking too quickly.

If you opt for classic teats, choose a 1st age model with variable flow. You will be able to turn the bottle to open more or less the arrival of milk, according to his appetite. Count between 3 $ and 6 $ for the bottle of 320 ml, and 2.50 $ to 4.50 $ the 150 ml, including teats.

One last thing to simplify your life: have a bottle (1.50 $ to 5 $) essential to clean your bib ‘in no time at all!

Sterilization of baby bottles

A sterilizer (from 20 $ to 100 $) will be perfect for hot sterilizers, who can also boil their bottles in a pan of water.

Those who would prefer to sterilize cold, more efficient and more economical (yes, no catch!), Will just need a special tank (20 $ to 30 $), tap water and sterilizing pellets (From 4 $ to 8 $).

There is also the bottle warmer, from $ 15 to $ 50, or models that both sterilizer and bottle warmer, from $ 45 to $ 55, but only clean one bottle at a time!

The high chair

To make Baby eat, nothing better than to install it in a high chair, but not before he sits alone! So you have a little time to think about it.

The wooden chairs (from 50 $ to 80 $) require a special cushion (10 $ to 20 $), padded for the comfort of Baby. There are also more elaborate models, foldable and adjustable in height and endowed with a large shelf (130 $ to 160 $).

You can also opt for a table seat (40 to 60 $), less cumbersome since it has no feet! It attaches directly to the table.

Water and milk

… it is a budget not negligible! Of course, the price of milk also varies according to the brands, from $ 15 to $ 20 per box of 900 g. For mineral water, it is better to start with a bottle every two days, then one a day (0.15 $ to 0.50 $). Most importantly, make sure the label says “recommended for bottles.”

The robot mixer

For the robot-mixer, there is no urgency. Just know that it will be convenient afterward. Some even combine the functions (for nearly 100 $): defrost, mix and steam.

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