Travel bottle warmer for car

Whether you leave for a weekend or a week of vacation, no question that a child with a stomach in the heels does not spoil the trip.

And as you like to take the side roads, it is not always easy to find a restaurant or a service station that can warm baby meals.

Fortunately, childcare brands have developed travel bottle warmers, which are used in cars and sometimes even far from any power outlet.

Are you looking for a bottle warmer for the home? It’s this way.

Travel bottle warmer for car
Travel bottle warmer for car

Portable baby bottle warmers are becoming more and more popular with parents. Useful for heating baby bottles but also small pots during short trips or trips, bottle warmers intended for use in a car can be connected to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.
Among the many models of bottle warmers available on the market, we help you make your choice in this zoom.

Advantages of a car bottle warmer

Used to warm baby bottles or even small pots of young people on the move, a nomadic bottle warmer has many advantages. Among them are:

  • The speed about the heating baby bottles in a water bath.
  • The security compared to a microwave heating that does not adjust the temperature.
  • The possibility of choosing a model adapted to the size of the bottles used, or that can also heat the small pots.
  • The choice of a bottle warmer that can both connect to an electrical sector and a cigarette lighter car.
  • Good to know: for safety reasons, it is recommended to use the bottle warmer in the car when the vehicle is stopped.

How to choose your travel bottle warmer?

Not easy to sort through the many models of travel baby bottles proposed. Some criteria can, however, allow you to type.

Start by asking yourself the question of security. Many models of baby bottle warmers work with water. Problem: you are not safe from possible splashes and other unfortunate falls. To avoid this even limited risk, opt for a nomadic baby bottle heater that works without water (see below).

The heating time is also often a determining factor for parents. We can talk about an express bottle warmer for some models adapted to the car, but keep in mind that speed is rarely the primary quality of these devices.

If you are looking for a way to warm up baby meals while traveling, a bottle warmer can be enough. If you do not want to double your investment, you’ll find plenty of versatile bottle warmers for the home and car. Finally, if you ‘re going to be able to offer baby bottles during your long walks in the heart of nature, choose a standalone bottle warmer running without electricity, such as Philips Avent, or autonomous Babymoov presented below.

There remains the question of the size of the bottle warmer. Depending on your use and the place in your luggage, this criterion may deserve your attention.

Bottle warmer: choice criteria

Before any purchase, specific criteria relating to the different models of car bottle warmers on the market must be taken into account. Among them are:

  • The presence of a thermostat or a digital screen to monitor and carry the bottle and its container to the correct temperature.
  • The presence of a tip we stop the automatic heating so as not to overheat the container of the bottle.
  • The ability to connect the car bottle warmer to a real electrical outlet, once the drive is over.
  • The choice of a model of bottle warmer using a battery, also rechargeable by car.
  • The presence of a power cord long enough to not interfere with the handling of the driver.
  • The dimensions of the bottle warmer so that it can be placed on a support in the vehicle.
  • Good to know: when traveling abroad, an electric adapter may be necessary to connect the bottle warmer.

Outlets and prices of car bottle warmers

Portable baby bottle warmers are sold:

  • in stores specializing in the sale of childcare items,
  • in some large areas,
  • on the Internet.
  • Good to know: in the case of an online purchase, it is recommended to refer to the opinions and comments of previous buyers.

The price of a bottle warmer depends on the quality as well as the power of the chosen model. The average budget varies between:

  • 20 to 30 $ for an entry-level car bottle warmer.
  • 40 to 60 $ for a model that can also heat small pots.
  • more than 60 $ for a bottle warmer that can be used at home or in the car and has an extra battery.

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