5 natural lice removal : Lice just happen, without anyone unexpectedly. Moreover, then begins the hell … find a way to make them disappear. I identified for you 5 natural remedies and evaluated their potential effectiveness!

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5 natural lice removal treatments to end the lice!
5 natural lice removal treatments to end the lice!

Natural lice removal: onion

The onion has many virtues, including that of destroying lice!

Extract the juice of onion and put it in a bowl. Apply the juice on the scalp of your baby and massage gently from the roots. Let stand 3 to 4 hours. After the elapsed time, make it shampoo to remove dead lice from his hair. Repeat the operation three days in a row for best results.

This is the pungent sulfur juice will kill lice and nits.
Potential Effectiveness: 1/10. Difficult to impose the cure to your child without seeing him cry all goes!

Natural lice removal: white vinegar

Another very effective natural remedy for baby rid of lice and nits: white vinegar.

The procedure: wash her hair with vinegar (no need to put a big dose). Leave for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly. Then use a nit comb to remove dead lice shampoo then made to remove the smell of vinegar. Do not hesitate to make two in a row if necessary; white vinegar feels incredibly durable! Repeat the operation for three days and lice will be just a bad memory!

Alternatively, heat the white vinegar, apply it all over your hair and put a towel over the head of a baby. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse. Make shampoo against odor and voila: the hot vinegar suffocates the lice and nits. Be careful not to overheat still to avoid burns on the scalp.

You can do the same with the red vinegar if you do not have white in your kitchen!

Potential Effectiveness: 4/10. If vinegar is a natural anti-lice remedy well known, it remains binding (regarding smell) and not very efficient if several kitties at home are affected.

Lice natural remedies: bicarbonate soda

Baking soda is the sworn enemy slow! Although it also works against lice.

The procedure: Ask your child to close your eyes well and divide the baking soda on his skull. Massage for several minutes then rinse.

Alternatively, dissolve the baking soda in warm water, dip the lice comb in the mixture then comb his hair. Relive the comb regularly for better efficiency.

Baking soda off the root of the slow and helps remove them quickly with the comb.

Potential effectiveness: 5/10, if baking is not the only treatment used. Indeed, effective against slow, it is less so against lice.

Lice natural remedies: mayonnaise

We grant you: apply the mayonnaise to your hair is not very nice . However, our grandmothers saw it as a good natural treatment against head lice!

How to do it: Massage the scalp with mayonnaise and let stand two hours. After the elapsed time, paint, wash and rinse hair.

Potential effectiveness: 0/10, the solution is too ” miss.”

Lice natural remedies: cider vinegar

The cider vinegar is very useful as a natural cure head lice: he takes off slow and kills lice.

The procedure: add cider vinegar to the rinse water after regular shampoo. You will need about four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Potential Effectiveness: 5/10. Again, the smell can be good for your in common Dante spitz. Hard to repeat the maneuver without interfering.

Is there an alternative natural to kill lice?

 There are many remedies “home”: olive oil application, lavender essential oil, white vinegar or even mayonnaise! The goal is each time to “stifle” the louse with grease. However, no serious study shows efficacy guarantee these methods, especially because nits are resistant. Organic shampoos and lotions use these substances and therefore may also have limited effectiveness.

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