Essential oils for lice: Itching, screaming, crying … with the return tirelessly comes the return of lice! However, where exactly are head lice? What symptoms grat so slow your children when they are infested with lice? How to get rid of this parasite (anti-lice treatments, grandmothers tips) with essential oils?


The anti-lice natural remedies: essential oils for lice
The anti-lice natural remedies: essential oils for lice

Essential oils for lice: tea tree

Do you know the tea tree oil? This is an excellent antiseptic that would also have lice virtues

How to do it: Mix a tablespoon tree oil coffee makers and four tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the solution to the scalp and rub.Leave on for 10 or 15 minutes. After the elapsed time, comb the hair of your baby then wash it off.

Potential Effectiveness: 5/10. Moreover, remember that essential oils are also potential allergens, especially in infants. Treatment was therefore prohibited before 3 or 4 years!

Essential oils for lice: olive oil

The advantage with the olive oil is that has all our kitchen!

Brush your hair after cabbage with olive oil and massage gently and place a film being careful not to let air pass: lice and nits will suffocate.  After being allowed to ask a time, do it shampoo and comb her hair with the help of a lice comb to remove dead lice.

If you do not have a film, use a tight shower cap is just as effective. Coconut oil also works, and in the same manner.

Essential oils for lice: Lavender essential oil

The lavender essential oil helps get rid of nits and lice natural way and (almost) nice and even prevent their arrival.

The procedure: To do this, apply a drop behind each ear, in the neck and clothing to avoid contamination during epidemics (during re-entry so). You can also add two drops of essential oil in the shampoo.

An effective method and that feels good!
Potential effectiveness: 7/10, if you opt pout essential oil of lavender in prevention. For installed lice, the solution will be (much) less effective.

How to detect them?

Your child is scratching his head; something stops the itch. Look at his scalp, lice love warm places, such as behind the ear. If lice are detected more easily, it does not hold true for slow.The easiest way is to use a lice comb and comb each section of hair. Hunting must be ruthless because if there have lice, it has slow and it only takes one slow for everything again.

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Why it scratches?

Itching is due to bites of the insect. It aspirates 2 to 3 times per day the scalp blood. There is no spontaneous healing: anti-lice and nits treatment is mandatory. A single application is usually sufficient not, the eggs laid by lice (8 to 10 eggs per day) hatch after ten days.

How to prevent lice do not return?

Use an anti-lice shampoo, lotion (pharmacy or drugstore) by following the instructions; Wash anything that has been in contact with the head, hat, scarf, clothes, pillowcases, comforters, sofa, car seat, and spend the whole family in detail. Then brush his hair regularly, and look carefully his hair time to time. Frequently wash hat, scarf and no in particular exchange!

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