Basketball hoop for kids: how to choose well

This sport of skill requires good physical fitness, team spirit and sense of observation.

Basketball, a team sport, which can be practiced indoors or outdoors for young and old from 6 years

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set Best basketball hoop for toddlers
Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set Best basketball hoop for toddlers

Basketball in freedom ... This is street basketball that is practiced on a playground, outdoors and unguarded, in free access and equipped for basketball

The benefits of basketball for the child:

  • It is a full sport that asks both the legs (movements and jump) as well as the arms (dribbling and throwing) and that develops much physical resistance. Collective sport, it is ideal for the one who wants to move with friends, it makes him sociable and altruistic, and the child is actively stimulated there.
  • Perfect for developing observation, address, speed, and responsiveness. It is an excellent school of gestural control.
  • Moreover, although being a collective sports one can train alone playing basket.
    It promotes the recovery of the vertebral column of teenagers vault but will not make them grow!
  • It is recommended to big children and girls complexed by their size because the basket will allow them to be valued

The child can start at age 6.

Basketball is a great source of learning: this type of sport allows him to discover team spirit, teaches him discipline (respect for the rules of the game, schedules), respect for others and tolerance opponents, teammates, referee, coach), but also the taste for perseverance and personal effort

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set Best basketball hoop for toddlers
Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set Best basketball hoop for toddlers

Equipment needed for the young basketball player:

  • Dress: a jersey, shorts, basketball shoes (i.e., rising), socks and training. Each basketball team in its jersey and its color
  • The protections: knee padded with foam

Risks and dangers of basketball:

Falls, breakdowns, sprains ... Since basketball is primarily a sport of jumps and reception of ball, the accidents are rather at the level of the ankles, the fingers.

Basketball hoop for kids: how to choose well

The basketball hoop is an outdoor equipment very appreciated by all lovers of this sport, for parties with friends or family, or to try to become the future Michael Jordan! For safe games, here are some tips for choosing your basketball hoop.

The basketball hoop models

To be able to indulge in a basketball game, there are today different types of basketball basket:

The goal of basketball:

reserved for an assiduous or even professional practice, the goal of basketball is a basket of basketball that attaches to the ground and that logically requires a vast space devoted to the basketball.

The basketball hoop:

As its name implies, the basketball hoop is equipped with a weighted foot to guarantee a good hold on the ground. This model is practical to be moved, but it can prove dangerous if it is not weighted enough (it can then switch).

The hoop basket:

This model gets rid of the foot to have only one hoop, to be fixed directly in height on a wall. It is very close to the basketball panel which features the great frame surrounding the hoop.
The selection criteria

The height :

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set Best basketball hoop for toddlers
Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set Best basketball hoop for toddlers

It depends on the age of the practitioners (there are basketball baskets for children and adults). Be aware that there are also some models of basketball hoops that propose to modulate the height of the basket. Practical when the investment is made for children who continue to grow?

The materials :

If the basketball hatch panel is often made of polycarbonate, glass models can also be found on the market. Most beautiful probably, but also more fragile.

Security :

It is strongly advised to take an interest in the safety of your equipment before choosing it. A basketball hoop must be able to guarantee that it will not tip over during a game.

Where to find it?

Major brands specialized in sports and sports equipment are the best places to find the right basketball hoop.


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