Bobos intimate: girls are also affected

Inflammation of the vulvar region is a common reason for consultation with girls. Hygiene rules to avoid recurrences, with the advice of Dr. Maud Bidet, pedagogy-gynecologist at the Necker Hospital (Paris).

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Bobos intimate: girls are also affected
Bobos intimate: girls are also affected

Vulvitis, the classic Infection

Burns, itching, redness … when a little girl complains about her “kitty,” it is mostly because of a vulvitis. The disease, benign, is quite common, in particular between the age of 3 and six years. Moreover, it is often recurrent. For anatomical reasons first: the proximity of the vulva and the anus, as well as the absence of hairiness, favor the transmission of germs. The vulvar mucosa, which does not yet produce estrogen, has little means of defense against germs. The vaginal flora is not in place and therefore can not perform its protective role. Finally, the area has no hair, which also blocks the germs. Then there are other irritating factors: sand for example in summer, but also and above all the maintenance of moisture which allows the proliferation of germs. This is often the case when little girls do not want to go to the toilet in school and hold back. Result: leaks, even slight, can make the bed of infections.

A real intimate toilet, from a young age

To avoid irritation, we must first insist that they never restrain themselves. Then, we accompany them in their autonomy by showing them the kind gestures to wipe: objective zero moisture in the panties (cotton, preferably) and go well back and forth with the paper. While they are practical when moving, the use of wipes is avoided on a daily basis. On the private toilet, one adopts a soap neutral or sugars (without perfume and dye as they like them!). Wash by hand – not gloves – once a day, possibly two if irritated.

Relieve pain

It scratches, it burns … Vulva, it is painful! Initially, an antiseptic soap (for children) is used for the toilet for a few days. In the case of recurrences, the pediatrician may prescribe a treatment against pinworms, intestinal parasites, often associated. However, vulvar specimens are not systematic. When prescribed antibiotics, it is rare (only in case of associated vaginitis).

These intimate infections pass by themselves around eight years, with the growth of the pelvic region and better reflexes of hygiene. Moreover, even if she was prone to vulvitis in childhood, the girl will not be more exposed to the intimate infections of adulthood (cystitis, mycoses …).

Moreover, the boys?

They can be touched at the foreskin or glans. These infections, often benign, heal in a few days with local care. “Chlorhexidine-type antiseptics are used, avoiding, if possible, even diluted Dakin, which is too aggressive on the mucous membranes. Antibiotics are usually useless. These balances sometimes allow adhesions to rise spontaneously, explains Dr. Cheikhelard, a pediatric urologist at Necker. So do not worry.

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