Choosing a trampoline for kids

For a child, the trampoline is undoubtedly the most attractive outdoor game and the most fun, but it is also the outdoor game that he will tire the least quickly and that will accompany its development until adolescence. At 11 - 12 years, the slide or swing will be abandoned, but the trampoline will still be used by teenagers and even by adults.

Choosing a trampoline for kids
Choosing a trampoline for kids

Like all sports your child practices in school or at home, the trampoline carries risks. The security involves choosing a trampoline for your child, thoughtful installation and, above all, compliance with safety rules.

According to a study, the trampoline is three times less dangerous than the bike. As a result, parents are not always aware of the risks and sometimes do not know which trampoline to choose, how to install it and what safety tips to give their children.

Choosing a trampoline for kids

The size of the jumping mat must be large enough for a child to play on the trampoline (3m70 or more). Otherwise, a safety net is strongly recommended. The smaller the child, the less sense of balance and the more full the jumping mat, to catch up with potential falls.
The installation of a net is strongly recommended if:

  • the child under ten years
  • the trampoline with a diameter of less than 3.60 m
  • you allow several children of similar weights to jump together (usually not recommended and strictly not recommended if the children have different weights or ages).

Size and accessories.

It is not the quality of a trampoline that will ensure the safety of your children but its size and accessories installed.

Size: the wider, the better, because a giant trampoline prevents the child from falling to the ground.
Accessories: the net is the most recommended accessory because it prevents falls on the ground.
So, in a simplified way, a suitable trampoline is either a large trampoline (size 12 or 14) or a small trampoline with a net (size 8 or 10 with net). Of course, a giant trampoline with net remains the top of the top.

Quality ensures long-lasting equipment and will support your child throughout his growth.
In fact, a small trampoline (less than 3.60 m in diameter) should only be chosen if you have space constraints in your garden. And if you prefer a low trampoline, imperatively install a net.

Finally, the mini-trampoline is not suitable for children! These are devices designed for fitness.

Choice of quality.

The choice of the quality of a trampoline is in fact according to your budget. The chosen quality depends, on the one hand, the life of your trampoline but also the fact that it will cash extreme uses (5 or 6 teenagers playing together ...). In fact, trampolines of preferred brands and with high prices are often excellent investments by their lifespan.

Attention, the number of users must not be a criterion of choice since there must be only one jumper on the jumping mat. However, it may be acceptable to allow multiple children to jump together if they have similar jumping weights and abilities.

For a child between 2 and four years old, specially adapted trampolines with a support bar are a good solution. At this age, the child does not have a right balance, and therefore a standard trampoline is to be avoided. The bar helps the child maintain his balance, but a protective cushion remains mandatory, and a parent must continuously be near the child.
Hi-flyer mid-range trampolines are of sufficient quality for children between 6 and ten years old and also for single children under 15 years old. They are designed for regular use by the whole family.

But if there are several teenagers in the home, if your teenager is a regular sportsman or if you even plan to use the trampoline of your children regularly, then the Pro-line and Jumpfree ranges will be more suited to your needs. Indeed, the quality of these fields makes it an excellent investment for demanding users.

Choice of trampoline according to the age of the child

  • Learn the rules and make them respect them
  • Watch the trampoline videos with your kids for empowerment by learning from the mistakes of others.
  • Encourage your children to learn basic jumps in order and without burning the steps.
  • Consult with them the idea of ​​games on a trampoline.
  • Safety also means choosing the right trampoline according to the age of your child.

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