Tips for traveling with kids: Who has never experienced the anguish of a long drive with children? With a little planning, a lot of common sense and a scrupulous respect for road safety regulations. Starting with a little hardware to install contingency children in all safety.

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5 Tips for traveling with kids: prepare a long drive
5 Tips for traveling with kids: prepare a long drive

  • Tips for traveling with kids: Choose the right car seat

This first tip seems obvious! Moreover, yet ... unfortunately, it is established that 2 out of 3 children are not properly restrained in the car, then here are the recommendations to know.

Until the age of 10, a child must travel in a restraint system appropriate to its size and weight that will be the two key criteria in choosing a car seat or a booster seat.

Now children are transported back to the road up to 15 months, preferably in the rear (the ideal is the middle seat in the back if a fastening system provided). When traveling alone with a baby, some prefer to put the child in the front passenger seat to keep an eye on the child and that he sees his parent. However, know that it is not the place recommended due to the risk of triggering the front airbag on impact (the airbag must be disabled).

The seat must be certified (letter E followed by a country code in a circle).
If you can, go for the Isofix attachment system which limits the risk of installation errors.

To install the car seat for your child, carefully follow the instructions.
On the internet, there are tutorials to help you.

Make sure that each belt testing is respected and that it is neither twisted nor relaxed. For each trip, the system must be checked, harness and properly adjusted seat belt.

Know that a car seat must be replaced after a shock or accident.

Any child measuring less than 1.35 m must have a booster seat (for children between 15 and 36 kg).

Finally, we can not say it enough, the seat belt is not negotiable, even for short trips and low speed.

So the parents set the example and fasten your seat belts!

Finally, remember to lock the safety of the rear doors of the vehicle.

The trick: "Do not buy a used car seat. For Christmas or some celebration, I asked the obvious big to participate in this purchase. "

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  • Tips for traveling with kids: Involve children and adults to prepare the trip

The day before, make your kids with a small backpack with the items they choose to take (be sure to banish any course contending or potentially dangerous object and which would not have its place in the passenger compartment a car).

Do not forget comforters, reassuring and indispensable companions!

Prepare something to eat a little during travel and allow enough water to quench adults and children.

Make sure that children do not travel on an empty stomach. Prefer light meal rather based carbohydrates. Avoid fizzy drinks that can disrupt digestion.

If your children are easily smeared, grab small bags ... There are also appropriate and effective products against sickness. Check with your pharmacist.

Consider adding a few towels and handkerchiefs as well as the spare machine, readily available "in an emergency."

If the sunshine is necessary, have the side sunshades on the rear windows and get yourself a fogger.

Finally, talk about your children's future path.

The trick: "I take the time to watch them on a map with the areas we are going through, and I give them space-time benchmarks:"

  • Tips for traveling with kids:Program the best time to go

First, choose a departure during the hours your children, and you will be more rested and relaxed.

For this, prescribe a departure in the evening after a day of preparation or work, a time when, also, children are often upset.

Rather prefer a morning departure, where the temperature is still cold to discuss calmly the long journey ahead.

The day before, check the weather, traffic forecasts and plan your route. What's worse than bad surprises with children on board!

The trick: "There is always an amazing last minute, like a blanket that is not found just before getting in the car, or something like that. Best to know. That way, if this happens, the father as the mother will not be surprised, and no one gets upset. The key word is to anticipate. "

  • Tips for traveling with kids:Look after the children during the journey

The perception of time a child is different from ours, so they get impatient quickly. Knowing occupy paramountly.

Simple shared games, puzzles, card games, board games are opportunities to make them pass the time.

The trick: "Quite often, when my partner is driving, I sit in the back with the kids, and sing sweet songs. It calms, soothes. "

  • Tips for traveling with kids:Plan breaks and remembers to take your time

Do not forget to make 15-minute breaks at least every 2 hours, and whenever necessary (when children start to get excited about example).

This is an opportunity for children as for the driver to stretch your legs and relax.

Enjoy it as to ventilate the car, take a snack or take a "pee break."

The trick: "When I get the opportunity, I choose areas specially designed for children, very practical. "

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