How to choose fun and safe Halloween costumes for boys

How to choose fun and safe Halloween costumes for boys
How to choose fun and safe Halloween costumes for boys

Halloween is a time for kids to dress up, have fun and eat lots of candy, so make it one to remember by helping them create a trick or treat costume they can get excited about.

Halloween costumes for boys
Child Harry Potter Deluxe Costume

  1. Listen to his designs and encourage all the possibilities. Let his costume choice surprise you!
  2. Sit down and let your son imagine his character and story. He can raid the family closets or dress up a box to become the wildest, funniest, or coolest character ever! Moreover, he can keep using homemade costumes to play the part of great characters all winter long.
  3. Draw on his favorite book or character. Reread the book with him to plan.
  4. Describe his love for scary stories and the history of Halloween; support him go "traditional" and be a ghost, Frankenstein, or a skeleton. Avoid those pumped up clothes with the fake muscles sewn in. Use your imagination and create a fun backstory to go with the scary, ugly, and awful look.

    Halloween costumes for boys
    Rubies DC Comics Deluxe Muscle Chest The Flash Costume
  5. Discuss and work on Halloween costumes together. It is a comprehensive learning and bonding experience. Hey, boys enjoy a little sewing, too. Help him recall the best costumes he ever saw, and share some favorites from your childhood.
  6. Add his twist to fighting and adventure, and have his character do something other than control, look tough, dominate, and fight. Help him create an action hero who plays the scales mountains, ukelele, sings, or goes on eco-adventures.
  7. Help him to be anyone or anything for Halloween--and the rest of his life. Help him to be inspired by real men doing fun, smart, cool things that go beyond showboating, wielding big weapons, super powers, or seeking revenge.
  8. Is your son a history buff, an athlete, into music or science? Halloween is a chance to play out the actions he loves. Moreover, don't rule out famous women--remember, it is what he loves to DO. Once you start brainstorming, designs will flood in.

    Halloween costumes for boys
    California Costumes Toys Stealth Ninja
  9. Support him think outside the scary ninja, fighter, superhero box that equates being a boy with full-throttle, over-the-top aggression. Imagination and creativity help kids break out of gender stereotypes, increase their resiliency, and provide great practice for reality.
  10. Halloween is all about being what you are not for a night. Help him try on new roles and be whatever wild and crazy identity captivates him at the moment. Teach him that it is false advertising when stores label police officer, marine, and firefighter costumes as "for boys" or cats, singers, colorful butterflies, and dancers "for girls." Halloween is a day of imagination--an excellent opportunity to show him that he can be anything and anyone!

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Parents are urged to decorate clothes with reflective tape or stickers and have kids carry a flashlight so they can be seen and to make sure the child's vision is not obstructed by the clothes. Keep these safety and funny tips in mind when choosing your child's costume this Halloween:

  •  Avoid wrong accessories. Make sure that no part of your kid's clothes—such as a sword, cane, or knife—is sharp. All should be done with a soft and flexible material. Some accessories can cause eye injuries and are great left at home.
  • Buy clothes that fit. Don't buy ones that are flimsy, billowing, too big, or drag on the ground. Your child will be doing much walking and might be climbing many steps. You want to be sure the costume is not a tripping hazard and can't get caught in Halloween candles.
  • Check masks for proper visibility. Be sure your child tries the mask on before trick-or-treating. It should be secure, and the child should be able to breathe through it easily. The eye holes should allow for full vision. Additional accessories such as scarves and hats should fit and be tied properly to avoid obstructing your child's eyes.
  • Look for flame-resistant clothes. Make sure all parts of your kid's costume are flame resistant, containing any masks and wigs. Polyester and nylon are both flame-resistant materials but also look for the label “flame-resistant.”
  • Make you trick-or-treater visible to all. Choose bright and light-colored clothes and clothing. You require to be sure motorists can see your kid. Buy reflective tape at your hardware or sporting goods store and attach it to your kid's costume and candy sack. Give him a flashlight to carry. 

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