Family Fun: 5 Fun Tips
Simple ideas for family fun

Family Fun: 5 Fun Tips
Family Fun: 5 Fun Tips

Between work and out-of-school activities ... Parents and children often have overloaded schedules. As a result, you often feel you do not spend enough time together. These moments of exchange and complicity are valuable to the whole family. Moreover, in a toddler, this allows him, among other things, to boost self-confidence. What if you were betting on simplicity?

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Daily Activities

It is the race every day, and when you get free to spend some time with your child, you are often tempted to organize trips to the museum or the zoo, to embark on making complicated DIY. Stop! Do not bother setting the bar too high! The important thing is to spend time together. Telling stories in the evening before going to bed, preparing a cake on Wednesday afternoons, or simply taking a walk in the neighborhood ... These are simple activities that will surely appeal to children!

Not worth spending fortunes either. It is crazy the number of games that can be invented without any material: charades, rhymes mimées, Riddles ... Enjoy our activity ideas with our weekly "Our 10 minutes of enchantment": Super Julie offers you an idea of a simple and original activity to do with your child. Moreover, find other games ideas with kids on his site.

Games that appeal to everyone

Good then, of course, it will be necessary to take on itself when one starts for the 25th time the part of Small horses or Memory. Think that the notion of repetition in learning is super important for toddlers. However, still, choose games and activities that you like. Because if you get into a board game or build a castle while you hate it, your child will feel that you are forcing you. Moreover, then he can have fun at this game alone or with little friends, big brother, cousins, grandparents ... For a young child, it is important to know how to deal with each other at times And play several to others.

Moments of quality

Even if you would like to spend hours with your child, the quality of time spent is more important than quantity. Get rid of it! Better to play with pleasure half an hour together rather than forcing you for 2 hours. What counts is to share a moment with pleasure. Moreover, if you have several children, it is also important to spend solo time with each of them.

Be 100% at the moment

Another mantra to adopt this year: to be 100% in the present moment (it is also valid for many other moments of life!). To help you, turn off phone and TV.

Let yourself be surprised

Are you used to managing the schedule from one week to the next? Release the pressure and make these test-a-tech moments when your child can give free rein to his imagination and his desires without setting everything in advance. It can also be a good girl to get involved in drawings or painting. Alternatively, in a musical improv. What if you tried it too? It is going to make you crazy, and your child will enjoy it all the more!

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