Head lice facts: Lice, what a nightmare! Just a child comes to school with and is panic throughout the property. Also, prevention is better in school if their child is a carrier and take steps to prevent it from sharing them with everyone.However, still, have to know how to spot them. This is how we recognize lice.

Head lice facts : How to recognize head lice?
Head lice facts : How to recognize head lice?

Head lice facts: How to tell if you have lice?

The first sign of the presence of lice is that it scratches his head. Indeed, lice lodge where they found the heat and humidity and then cling to the hair to feed on blood by biting the head.Locate a child who has lice is what is easier, because unlike adults, he will not hesitate to scratch his head as hard as he can, regardless of the place or time.

The Scratching much can cause sores on the scalp, which is another clue to identify the presence of lice on the head.

Head lice facts: what it looks like?

Lice are insects of 2 to 3 mm long. Brown / gray sometimes they can adapt their color to the hair. It is, therefore, harder to find the head of the one hosting them.

To recognize the lice can also observe how they move. Either they are walking on the scalp, or they are hung on hair. If what you believe to be an insect moves jumping is that it is a louse!

Please note, you can also detect slow, that is to say, the eggs of lice. When slow is dead, this is a small white bag that quickly removes the hair on which she was grabbed. When nits are alive, they will give birth to a louse, they are more transparent and are firmly stuck to the hair at the hairline.

Head lice facts: The sound of lice

If you still have doubt whether lice or nits, this last step is crucial. With your nails or a special lice comb with tight teeth, remove lice or slow hair and press the between the nails. If you hear a “click” is that they are lice or nits and they are alive.

In this case, make haste to do a treatment, wash all your towels and bed linen and take your troubles patiently.

Head lice facts: How to prepare for the return of lice?

The performance approaching and with it … the lice! How to prepare well – and equip – against these little creatures that nest on the head of your children?

Head lice facts: How does one prepare for the return of lice?

Lice are a real scourge, but be careful, be aware that this is not a hygiene problem! Today there are no more lice but super lice as they become more and more resistant.It is therefore not hesitating in a case of persistence of infection, change medication. There are classics, natural – encompassing and suffocate the lice – and there is even now a drug that is taken orally.

Head lice facts: How do I avoid the whole family to be affected by lice?

Should be cleaned with hot water, brushes, combs and wash all clothing, hoods, balaclavas, plus bicycle helmets or motorcycle for parents. We must also think of the headrest of the car seat. Prevention is better and not waste a weekend to disinfect the house.

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Lice repellent: 3 sprays to the test!

Eco Defense Lice Treatment For Home
Eco Defense Lice Treatment For Home

Product: Eco-Defense Lice Treatment For Home, $ 24.95 for 16oz
His compo: Sodium laurel sulfate, Geranium oil, distilled water, citric acid and Ethyl Lactante.
The opinion of the pro: Use to Repel and Kill Lice From all areas including, backpacks, clothes, hats, scarves, luggage, stuffed animals, furniture, beds and more. Help prevent bringing Lice into your home.
The opinion of mom: Use it daily on child’s backpack and items that can’t go in the washer/dryer. Sprayed it on the carpet and cushy chairs every night and in the mornings. Haven’t had a problem since. It seemed to work well. the lice have not come back. The smell went away after a couple of days. It does have a different smell, but worth it.

Babo Botanicals Lice Prevention Kids Conditioning Spray
Babo Botanicals Lice Prevention Kids Conditioning Spray


Product: Babo Botanicals Lice Prevention Kids Conditioning Spray, $ 12.15 for 8oz

His compo: Botanical blend of Rosemary mint and tea tree is non-irritating for daily use.

The opinion of the pro: Clinically proved 95% effective to repel lice when used in combination with lice repel shampoo. Detangles smoothes and conditions hair.
The opinion of mom: This worked well for us after a lice outbreak at school. It works well as a spray-in conditioner, to dampen hair for styling, or just for a quick spray on the way out the door to give you a little peace of mind. The rosemary/tea tree scent is strong when initially sprayed, but dissipates quickly & isn’t noticeable after a few minutes.

No More Lice
No More Lice

Product: No More Lice, Pest Peeve,$ 24.97 for 16oz
His compo: Geranium oil, Cedarwood oil, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Glycerin, water, Isopropyl myristate, and Ethyl lactate.
The opinion of the pro: The Pest Peeve Premium Household Lice Treatment Lice Spray contains natural essential oils repellent spray. It is safe for the whole family kids and pets. It is designed to be used in schools, camps, daycares, or home.
The opinion of mom: This spray is amazing.The directions are straightforward and easy to follow.The smell is not too bad.I like that there are no chemicals in this.This is safe to use in the house with children and pets.The bottle is big, and it will last awhile.You can use this on clothing, bedding, furniture.

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