My child has no friends: He is always alone at recess and never invite buddies at home? how to help your child make friends

My child has no friends: how to help your child make friends
My child has no friends: how to help your child make friends

My child has no friends: A question of temperament

There are children, like adults, more or less sociable and to which others have spontaneously wanted to go. This is both a matter of character and personality. Many reasons why a child is alone. He may have difficulty socializing or unattractive character in the eyes of his comrades. The most important are to determine if the child lives this evil alone. For a little boy who would like to have lots of friends but has difficulty addressing, a small lonely girl will be found by choice, who do not feel the need to have many friends around her.

It is, therefore, important to separate things, and it is usually the child will express his suffering. There is not necessarily a cause for concern, but we must be attentive to some signs, especially if the child is withdrawn and lonely at home. Then you should take the measure of the problem, even if the child says nothing. Conversely, a child well socialized also close to his siblings or cousins perhaps has not yet found his “soulmate” in school.

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My child has no friends:The role of schools and teachers

In kindergarten, children are supervised, and educators notice fast enough if one of them is isolated or is rejected by others. The situation is more difficult in primary schools where teachers are less present, especially during recess. It is, therefore, important to talk with children and to listen to a change in behavior. Primary school is a difficult period on the emotional and violent plan emotionally.The children squabble, talk … then stop talking. Some find themselves alone and can suffer.

However, it is rare that a child becomes a solitary overnight. This means that if something happened and it can especially be harassment. The child is then isolated as an abused child. Will you laugh at him because of his name, a physical characteristic? Often the child will be ashamed to talk about it and prefer to be silent than to worry his parents.

My child has no friends:How to help these kids?

  • The child complains of being alone and does not understand why anybody wants to play with him.
    This is where parents need to ask questions and meet teachers. To know how it is in school and have a look at what it is the boyfriend in the classroom and the playground. Why others do not want to play with him? What is the gaze of adults who observe? The vision of the parents is also necessary.
    It is proposed to invite friends home and then observed its behavior. He plays the leader; he lends his toys, he cries, he prohibited his room? If there is anything in particular, the fact of having invited will probably create a link that will extend to school. One can also try to build relationships outside of the child entering school at an extracurricular activity with other kids in the class so that he can create playful links.
  • The solitary child, a bit in the moon, but that does not suffer from the situation.
    Hopefully also no need to worry. It must nevertheless remain vigilant.
  • The lonely child with a disorder of socialization.
    When parents locate a disorder of this type, an awkward way of relating, they can offer the child to role play. Train with him and play in certain situations what a mistake this or that embarrassing behavior.
    Often a shy child is timid parents who do not have the social skills to help. They can then turn to a psychologist trained in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) so that the child expresses and to acquire the skills they are missing.

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