The ideal breakfast for my child: balanced and gourmet

Breakfast is the essential meal to restart the day. Age by age, discover the breakfast that best suits your baby.

The ideal breakfast for my child: balanced and gourmet
The ideal breakfast for my child: balanced and gourmet

Breakfast by age

” From 4 to 6 years, the child needs 1,400 calories a day, and from 7 to 9 years, he needs 1,900 calories a day,” says Magali Nadjarian, dietician.

For three-year-old toddlers, in the absence of a bowl, a bottle of 250 ml of semi-skimmed whole cow’s milk, whole milk or fortified growth milk is quite suitable. To this will be added 50 g of cereals: they bring much of the energy necessary to the morning, calcium and a minimum of lipids. Moreover, to make the menu complete, add a glass of fruit juice and fruit.

“The small bowl of milk can also be replaced by a yogurt, a small Swiss 60 g or two 30 g, three tablespoons white cheese or 30 g cheese (camembert type),” Magali Najarian suggests.

For the 6-12 years, 55% of the energy must be provided in the first part of the day because the assimilation is better.

Ready-to-use cereals contribute to meeting the nutritional needs of children and adolescents. The latter, in full growth, tend to sulk dairy products while a supply of 1200 mg of calcium per day is recommended. Cereals are a good way to encourage their consumption. However, some of them can also contain a high sugar content.

Madeleines, brioches, and other chocolate bread, too fat, are also to be avoided. As for buttered bread, rich in fat, they should be consumed in moderation: one or two slices of bread according to age. “A small individual serving of 10 g of butter to be spread is sufficient for a vitamin An intake, good for vision. Jam is a pleasure food that contains only sugar because the vitamin C of the first fruit has been destroyed when cooking, its quantity must be limited, “advises Magali Najarian, adding that” the honey consists of Simple carbohydrates and by its significant amount of fructose constitutes a mild laxative .”
Finally, for the juice, the dietician recommends choosing those “no sugar added” or better hurry oranges, “provided drinking the juice right away after clicking because vitamin C is destroyed by light.” To be reserved for gourmands, not in a hurry. Before adding that “the honey is made up of simple carbohydrates and by his enormous amount of fructose constitutes a sweet laxative.”

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Some tips to get your child’s appetite:

  • Dress the day before with a beautiful table with cutlery, straws and a funny bowl so that eating in the morning becomes a pleasure.
  • Wake your child 15 or 20 minutes before he can have a quiet lunch and offer him a glass of water or fruit juice to open his appetite.
  • Vary dairy products, especially if it refuses milk: cheese, small Swiss, cheese.
  • Arrange various types of cereal on the table.
  • Combine it, where possible, with the breakfast races.
  • Make a table of four staple foods, with pictures for the smaller ones, and let it make its choice for each of them.

What if he still wants nothing to eat?

Prepare a little snack for recreation. Compose homemade and original sandwiches such as a slice of crushed bread sliced with a half-salt square or a gingerbread stuffed with a small Swiss banana. You can also slip a briquette of pure fruit juice or a compote accompanied by a small bottle of liquid yogurt.

To avoid

  • Energetic chocolate bars. They contain fatty substances and sugars. They are too rich in calories and do not bring any feeling of satiety.
  • very sweet fruit nectars.
  • Flavored waters. Some of them are too sweet, and the younger ones taste delicious.We recommend reading the article: Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump Reviews