Treat your child’s cold with homeopathy

Your child coughs, his nose runs, he sneezes … He probably caught a cold: it is very common in babies and “big” children, especially in winter! Usually not dangerous, a cold is no less disagreeable to live with your child: Fortunately, homeopathy helps to relieve the symptoms effectively.

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Treat your child's cold with homeopathy
Treat your child’s cold with homeopathy

The key to knowing about the cold of the child

The common cold is a very common viral infection, especially in babies under two years of age, with the immune system still fragile. Many viruses can cause it, but in general, it is a rhinovirus or a coronavirus. As for symptoms, the cold can mainly give rise to a cough, a runny nose (or a stuffy nose), a sore throat, red eyes, and fatigue. It can also cause fever, but it is far from systematic. Without seriousness, it does not require any special medical treatment, because the cold heals spontaneously in the space of seven to ten days. It is therefore generally advisable to only treat the symptoms to relieve your child while awaiting recovery.

In which cases should a pediatrician be consulted?

If your baby is less than three months old, it is recommended to refer to a pediatrician, even for a common cold. It is a simple precautionary measure: particularly fragile, toddlers are more easily subject to respiratory complications without a minimum of medical follow-up.

Also, regardless of the age of your child, do not hesitate to consult if the symptoms are very intense (e.g., high fever) and very inconvenient for him. Do the same if some of them give you doubts about the nature of his illness. For example, if after a few days your child also starts to vomit and have diarrhea, it is more likely to be gastroenteritis …

Why focus on homeopathy?

Fresh medicines are very effective in fighting the symptoms of the common cold naturally. Among them, homeopathy has the advantage of being able to be used even in babies and young children, which is not the case for essential oils for example. If you want to use the homeopathic method, it is advisable to consult a homeopathic doctor: he will tell you the granules and the exact dosage to use according to the symptoms of your child. In general, the recommended homeopathic dilutions are of the order of 5CH to 9CH to treat the cold of the youngest … For a baby, you can dilute the granules in water; As for the larger ones, they can melt them directly under the tongue.

Your child has a fever

Depending on the intensity of the fever, the homeopathic doctor may advise you to give him some granules of Belladonna and Ferrum phosphoric several times a day: catches are decreased after two to three days, Of the symptoms.

Note that if your child has a fever, you can give it in place of paracetamol (not advised until three months of age).

Last advice: make sure your child drinks enough to limit the risk of dehydration due to his fever!

Against the running nose

The homeopathic response varies widely depending on the aspect of the nasal discharge. For clear discharge, the doctor may opt for Sambucus nigra or Allium cepa. If the nasal discharge is clear but if your child also has irritated eyes, the Naphtalinum is rather recommended … Finally, for a thick and yellowish nasal discharge, the choice may instead be on Kalium chromium. Again, the doses are closer at the beginning of treatment, then spaced as soon as the symptoms improve …

If your little one is not yet old enough to blow your nose, do not hesitate to use a baby fly to unclog it!

Homeopathic response to sneezing, stuffy nose and cough

If they are very common, sneezing is painful to live for the child: Nux vomica is often advised. For a blocked nose problem, Sambucus nigra is more indicated. Also, remember to use a spray of sea water or saline to clean your nose, it is very effective!

Finally, in the face of a dry cough, the homeopath can prescribe Drosera. Ipeca and Kalium bichromicum are used instead for fatty coughs …

Preventing the Cold With Homeopathy

Prevention is better than cure! The homeopath will thus be able to advise you a preventive treatment, to give to your child as soon as you dread a cooling. There are several possible approaches, but Oscillococcinum® 200 is widely recommended for the prevention of colds.

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