What sport for my child?

Does he want to do sport like the big ones? It is normal! At 3, your child is no longer a baby. It is natural that he too should want to do some exercise. Swimming, dancing, riding … what to propose?

What sport for my child?
What sport for my child?

Your child’s body is still in training. There is no question of making her bear real physical efforts. Some activities, however, are accessible. Thus, you will enjoy your little sportsman, and these disciplines, adapted to the smallest will help him develop his taste for effort and respect for others. So then, what a great tool for relaxation!

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Introduction to swimming

This summer he loved swimming. Why not regularly offer a session in the pool.

  • The benefits. Evolving in water makes it possible to develop one’s physical and motor abilities. Even if your child can not swim well before the age of 6, he or she can participate in the 3-5 year aquatic fitness sessions offered by the swimming pools.
  • With little ones of his age (you stay on edge), he will perform small play paths to feel comfortable in the water. The air of nothing, he will develop skills that, on the day when he will be big enough, will transform him safely into the champion seed.

Horseback riding

  • The merry-go-round is fine, but nothing beats a real animal. Half-hour pony riding sessions are organized in the equestrian centers for children from 3 years old. From 4 years, the session usually lasts one hour.
  • Profits. Once on the animal, your child learns to guide him in space by holding the reins: front, left, right. Your rider also discovers the equestrian world. Before and after the recovery, he is invited to take care of his pony: he paws, talks, caresses and learns the necessary rules of safety.

First dance steps

  • At home already, your little girl or little boy does not resist the pleasure of a few steps of two? Maybe it is time to put it on a “real course”? The conservatories, dance schools, associations offer introductory courses for children from 4 years. In some structures, wake-up sessions are organized as early as three years.
  • Profits. Playfully, your child will discover new sensations and will become aware of his body. Through simple movements, it will develop capacities of listening, tactile and visual. Know that children who have danced small dance later retain all their abilities.

Gymnastics … soft

  • Recent, this activity is animated by a psychometrician who supervises a group of fifteen children.
  • Profits. Through games and courses (ladders, hoops, ribbons …), your future gymnast learns to master his body, his movements in space, the notion of time and his relationship with others. The game stimulates his vigilance and develops his listening, his sense of observation and the expression of his emotions. The presence of the psychomotor also helps to detect or prevent possible dysfunctions in the motor behavior of your child.


  • For who? Is your child a fan of Joachim de Noah your child dreams of dribbles and baskets? With the basketball, he will be able to exercise his talents within a group.
  • Why ? Whether your child is a real leader or is often left behind, the practice of a team sport will demonstrate that the skills of each child are useful for the success of the group. Basketball will awaken and highlight its creative strengths and teach it to take responsibility in respect of the other. He will develop his ability to compete by training based on psychomotricity, control of aggressiveness and technical work. As part of the game, he will learn to live as a team, in society.
  • With what? The mini basketball hooks children from 5 years on a safe and adapted playground with smaller balloons and adjustable baskets. From the age of 11 years onwards, we enter the “big” category. The technical equipment is provided by the club. Sportswear (shorts and tee-shirt) will be necessary as well as a pair of sneakers reserved for the gymnasium. The hosting of the club will be compulsory for meetings and competitions. A medical certificate authorizing the practice of the sport will also be requested.


  • For who? Is your child overflowing with too much energy that he sometimes finds it hard to channel? Karate can bring him on the path of wisdom.
  • Why ? Karate is not a combat sport but a martial art. A notion that extends his practice of physical fulfillment to the school of life. Your child will discover an educational and playful activity, based on the work of his balance and the orientation of his body in space, allowing him to channel his energy and build his confidence in him. The moral code of karate preaches the sense of honor, fidelity, sincerity, courage, goodness, benevolence, uprightness, respect, modesty and self-control. Adapted to each age group this discipline develops the pleasure of progressing validated by passing grades.
  • With what? Some dojos offer introductory courses called baby karate lessons from 4 years; the practice then continues in groups for children, pre-adolescents than adults. For all a medical certificate is required. The equipment is made up of a karate kimono, that is all. The belts are most often provided for payment by the club as the rankings pass. A medical certificate authorizing the practice of this sport will be required at the time of registration.

Circus arts (from 6 years)

  • For who? If your child needs to move as much as expressing his creativity, the circus arts are made for him.
  • Why ? Open to all, without the spirit of competition and based on the multidisciplinarity circus school allows being initiated to different techniques. With juggling, acrobatics, trapeze, wire … your child will become aware of his body and the space around him, overcome his fears and surpass himself. He will develop his motor skills, his dexterity but also his dramatic expression, especially during the production of the traditional end-of-year show presented to the parents.
  • With what? All technical equipment is loaned by the school or workshop. It will suffice to wear a suitable sportswear. Moreover, sometimes a specific stage for the show.
    Other schools or workshops exist, but not all are equal. Do not hesitate to attend a test course or open days to see if the coaching is of quality and the safety of the classes assured.

Climbing (from 6-8 or 10 years depending on the club)

  • For who? Always higher your young carefree climbs trees and dreams of peaks? Registering him in a climbing club will allow him to do so safely.
  • Why ? Playful and demanding, climbing is a full sport that invites the child to surpass himself while keeping control of his actions. Even the timidest will be able to excel in this sport, which demands their faculties of observation, reflection, and analysis far more than their physical strength. Finding the right paths and reaching a peak means choosing the right investments and maintaining balance. An activity that also improves its flexibility and precision.
  • With what? Rental of specialized equipment: helmets, harnesses and even climbing shoes are included in the cost of the activity. He will need a sports outfit: a t-shirt and leggings are well-adapted clothes and a medical certificate.

Where to find these activities?

If the activities for children under five years are gradually developing, they are not always accessible near you. You will find at the town hall of your city, the list of associations, centers of animation and social centers that propose these activities of awakening. Local initiatives are offered in some nursery schools. Open your eyes!

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