Choosing a digital camera for kids

Choosing a digital camera for kids
Choosing a digital camera for kids

Choosing a digital camera for kids

Children are very quickly interested in technology … They are passionate about a game console, Hello Kitty toys trendy, and they will not fail to try sooner or later turn to the handling of your camera … Be careful, if you care about your Reflex or Compact, you have every interest in buying them a device specially designed them to prevent it ends in loose parts, stuck between games and toys!

Choosing a digital camera for kids
Choosing a digital camera for kids

The good news of the day: a small miracle of technology, many educational models for children exist today, including the tight, compact model. This allows budding photographers to wake up to photography without breaking your precious device! Digital camera, SD card, LCD screen, compact camera, memory card, megapixel or optical zoom … the jungle of models and accessories can quickly leave you perplexed. How to meet in this universe? How to choose a camera for children? To guide you in your choices, we have slipped four rules to scrupulously respect to select the perfect model for your little ones and help them get off to a good start without further delay …


Children’s camera: Do not neglect the grip!

This seems obvious, but we remind you: the size of the device must be proportionate with the age of your child. It must allow him to be manageable and adapted to their little fingers to facilitate a good grip. As such, a brand stands out by offering ergonomic and particularly adapted children’s models: Vtech and its Kidizoom range! The latter introduce children’s cameras with handles to ensure maximum stability. A small detail that makes life easier for our little ones and allows them to hold their camera firmly … and a small bonus, the range also offers a videotape mode that can be very useful for use …

Solid …

Is your child a daredevil? He likes to jump, run and love sports activities? Think of the robustness of this device: a device too fragile will not resist great shocks and repeated falls. Good news: the manufacturers of children’s devices are more and more foresighted! The latter are coalescing more and more models with rubber guards or even shock-proof housings to anticipate bad falls. Practical features for little adventurous minds, thrill seekers! A small bonus for aquatic activities as part of your next vacation: Waterproof options are also often available. Very useful at the beach!

Simple buttons

The child’s device must also be easy to use with buttons bright and large enough for your child to make the most of the experience. An intuitive color code will allow it to identify the features and thus make photos more easily quickly. Very playful, the brand Lexibook offers cameras with the image of their favorite heroes, Spider-man, The Frozen in pink or the Avengers, children will have the choice … With an internal memory, this digital camera child has become in a few years as a reference compact photo …

The performance

Last but not least, that of performance! With age, your child will gradually pay more attention to the quality of the image. In the beginning, it will probably focus on the resolution, the number of pixels and the grain of the photo … but over the photographs, it will learn to appreciate the technical qualities of a successful picture gradually. As such, Nikon offers an attractive compromise with the model Coolpix S33, resistant to falls of 1.5 meters and a water tightness of 10 meters deep and with 13 Mpx …. in short, a good child model to start the right foot.

Children’s camera: from purchase to practice

It’s official: your child’s first camera? Now is the time to teach him how to position his small hands on an optical zoom, to place his SD card in his compact or to quickly make his first photos … Nothing like a first photo class to teach him these rudiments and awaken his creative spirit while helping him to start on a reasonable basis … to your devices and good shooting in the family!

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