10 Tips to Help Baby Sleep

10 Tips to Help Baby Sleep
10 Tips to Help Baby Sleep

10 Tips to Help Baby Sleep

He is six months, nine months or even a year and still does not make his nights? How to create an environment conducive to falling asleep? What if he calls in the middle of the evening? What are the mistakes not to commit? Ten tips for exhausted parents.

Note: some of his advice are aimed at parents more than six months. Before this age, infants naturally need cuddles, feel your presence and respond quickly to their crying!

10 Tips to Help Baby Sleep
10 Tips to Help Baby Sleep


Benchmarks: black and silence To help the baby to distinguish between day and night and to structure his phases of sleep, help yourself with daylight and noise.

At night, the shutters or the curtains are closed to make it black. You can put on a night light, even if a baby does not need it, it does not make nightly terrors or nightmares during its first year! During the day or the naps, you can draw the curtains a little, but always let the daylight pass by so that it does not confuse them with the real night.

Side noise, night, silence or whispers are wagering, while one can authorize conversations or “normal” activities during the day, even if the baby is sleeping next to his room.

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Reuniting siblings

When a little brother or sister is born, you wonder if it is a good idea to share the same room, because they do not necessarily have the same rhythm. It is a real source of calm for baby to have a brother or sister by his side, whose breathing he hears and feels a presence. Also, the elder is not even awakened at night by the tears of the little one.

As for the naps of the day, you can ask the elder to make a quiet time in the living room, like a “great” or enjoy it to do an activity with him?

A follow-up notebook

Moreover, if you kept a small notebook of the habits of your infant? You can note the schedules of his suckers or baby bottles (practice when you are tired or alternate with his darling more), his rest time, the times when he cried … Thanks to this compiled information you can find -to be the reasons for her crying or a nocturnal awakening (a bathing schedule to modify, a hug to reassure rather than a feeding …)

Let it cry … a little

When baby wakes up at night, force yourself to wait a minute (yes it is long!) Before you get up. Why ? Because it could very well that baby seeks his sleep and that it happens to find him alone (it is the objective), without you. If you come into the room to cuddle him as soon as he makes the slightest alert, you do not help him, because you create a situation of insecurity: because he is crying and you are coming, Had cause to worry! So we take our time, and if the crying diminishes the time we get to the room, we even take a break in the corridor …, and we analyze the situation.

If the method does not work, if the baby races or his crying does not stop, we go back slowly into the room, maintaining a “nocturnal” environment (in the dark and without noise). One whispers, one explains to him that everybody makes sleep in the house, one calms and the cuddle by putting a hand on its belly … if possible without taking it out of its bed. If you begin to take it systematically in your arms and go to the pace to rock it in the whole house, it will taste, and it is likely to remind you the following night to renew this delightful experience!

A bottle of water!

The night, the same fighting bottle feeding: from 6 months, the baby must be able to feed overnight no longer, so one avoids succumbing to milk bib in the middle of the night to calm him down. We can offer him some water or his teat. If he habitually eats at night, and not by hunger, it should be resolved quickly.

Hand on the belly

Asleep or awakened, you can test the method of the hand on the belly. You are in contact (without support) of his breath; he feels your warmth and your hand on him. This is reassuring. Staying in this position for a few minutes is sometimes enough to calm baby and to make him sleep quickly, without having taken him out of his bed.

Talk to him

We often underestimate the capacities of the young to understand us, because they are not able to make themselves understood by the word. Well before we can speak, they know us perfectly! So do not hesitate, each evening at bedtime, to explain to him gently, with your words (always the same) that you must sleep for a long time, that you rest at night to be in shape the next day and that, We have confidence in our ability to stay in the dodo without noise, for example. Make this short conversation your ritual of the moment, to which you will add a few sweet words of course!

Learning how to sleep alone Getting to sleep

Alone is a challenge for your baby. To help him, it is easy to offer him the comfort of welcoming arms or a good bottle of hot milk … The problem is that without it, he will not be able to return to sleep or to fall asleep alone if he wakes up. Sleeping baby in bed (and not in your own), by establishing a particular ritual, is the best thing to do, if possible soon after birth. Every evening, at a fixed time, prepare him for bedtime by talking to him, making similar gestures, in short by setting up your rituals (little cares, kisses, stories, blanket …). The order of the routine has a very reassuring side for him. This must be done well (without precipitation or stress), but should not last for 30 minutes!


After the bath, in a well-heated bathroom, offer him a moment of relaxation by speaking or singing while performing a gentle baby massage. You can also set up a little massage ritual at bedtime: in bed, massage it circularly between the eyebrows with your index finger and your middle finger together. Relaxed effect guaranteed … and who knows an easier to fall asleep to the small agitated.

The malignant night light for the morning

When the child grows up, you can install a night light in your room, like the Philips Buddy lamp, to avoid waking up at 6 am on weekends … How does it work? The parents indicate on the light the time it is and the wake-up time (realistic!) Desired. At bedtime and during the night, the light displays the moon, a sign that one must sleep. When the wake-up time has passed, the moon turns into the sunshine, telling the impatient little boy that he has the right to call Daddy or Mom!.

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