Best nursing covers and breastfeeding cover reviews

One popular breastfeeding item is a specialty nursing cover. While many brands are available, all of them basically do the same thing: cover your breasts and your baby while you nurse. Most of these covers slip over your head and provide you access to your baby, However, not all of them allow you to easily see your baby without lifting the cover. If this is something you might be interested in, definitely try it out. Consider waiting until your baby is here rather than registering for this item as a baby shower gift. Sometimes babies are really averse to using covers, or they prefer certain types.This can save you money.

Best Nursing Covers and breastfeeding cover reviews
Best Nursing Covers and breastfeeding cover reviews

Covers are great for totally hiding what’s happening when nursing. The problem is that many women do not want to draw attention to themselves when they are breastfeeding in public. And a nursing cover screams “I’m breastfeeding under here!” So if that isn’t the message you would like to send, think twice about using a cover for breastfeeding. That being said, most people who use covers to nurse really like them. They find them easy to use with their babies. It’s easy to pack a nursing cover in a diaper bag and have it handy anytime. But it is always wise to practice without the cover, in case you ever accidentally leave it at home.

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Using a Blanket

Instead of a fancy cover, some women use a blanket to cover their babies while they nurse. This is a lot less expensive for most families. The problem comes in that it can be difficult to cover yourself up while holding your baby. A blanket can also slip off very easily or be blown away in a breeze.

These might not be deterrents for some mothers. You may decide to try a blanket first to see how it works for you and your baby. You might also find that when you forget the cover you would normally use, a blanket will work in a pinch. If you are caught in a pinch, you can try a blanket as a cover-up Talk to your baby so he will not be distracted by the covering and focus on nursing.

Other Ideas

Some companies are really thinking outside the box when it comes to nursing coverage. Mobleez is one of those companies. It has developed a wide brimmed, soft hat your baby can wear. The brim is wide enough that it covers everything you could possibly need to be covered. The nice part is that it’s great for babies who hate blankets and generally being covered. The downside is that you have to hope your baby is agreeable to wearing hats! There are also a few products that can help you to convert a blanket into a nursing cover. They usually consist of clips attached to a ribbon. The ribbon then goes around your neck; you clip each end to a side of the blanket and use it as a cover.

What If Baby doesn’t Want to Be Covered?

Some babies will have nothing to do with any type of nursing cover, whether it is an actual cover designed for that purpose, a blanket, a hat, or anything else. No matter what, they will grab the edge and pull it away from their face. They might even refuse to nurse this way.

Practice at home with your baby. Consider holding your baby’s hand to prevent this unwanted exposure. You might even make it a game and kiss your baby’s hand as you hold it, telling her what you don’t want her to do: “Let’s not move the blanket!” Talk to your baby and distract her while you are nursing, to keep her mind busy and not thinking about moving the cover. For a baby who will not use a traditional cover, you might also consider an alternative breastfeeding cover. The baby hats made to hide your breast are one such idea. But you can also be creative and find what works for your baby. Perhaps your baby will be more amenable to using a cover if you nurse her while she is sleepy or asleep. Nursing in front of a mirror can also help you learn to breastfeed discreetly without a cover.

Breastfeeding cover reviews

Udder Covers - Breast Feeding Nursing Cover
Udder Covers – Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

Udder Covers will cover you where you need it and the rigid neckline still allows you to have eye contact with your baby. Their chic and stylish covers are made of 100% breathable cotton and are machine washable. The stainless steel d-rings allow you to adjust the neckline of your Udder Cover. With the Udder Cover you can breastfeed your baby in comfort, style and confidence anytime and any place!


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Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf & Nursing Cover
Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf & Nursing Cover

With finished seams & ample material, this infinity nursing scarf covers all without embarrassing see-through moments. Soft cotton blend in stylish colors makes this shawl your new favorite accessory.

Infinity nursing scarves are one of today’s hottest fashion trends. Unfortunately, they are not all created equal. Trust the Baby Bee breastfeeding cover to offer what you expect from a high-quality product.

Professionally tailored with finished seams and moderate material, you can rest assured your scarf will provide years of complete coverage for you and your little one. Made of apremium 20/80 blend of cotton and polyester, this wrap is ultra-soft to the touch and can be hand washed/dried. Plus, with a generous size (67 x 0.1 x 25.6 inches) it offers amplecoverage: one size fits most.

The classic color options work with outfits of all seasons with the neutral shades providing just the right accent for solid and patterned blouses and dresses.


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