Chicco Urban Stroller Review: Pack Urban Plus, the complete pack for baby transport in complete freedom! The Urban Plus Pack consists of several elements. First, the Urban Modular Stroller, designed for modern parents looking for versatile transport solutions! In a few gestures, its reversible seat is transformed into a comfortable pram, which can be used from birth for naps or walks. Also, the Auto-Fix Fast position is included, with its car base for maximum safety and convenience. It easily attaches to the chassis using an adapter (supplied).

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Chicco Urban Stroller Review
Chicco Urban Stroller Review
Chicco Urban Stroller
Chicco Urban Stroller

A large storage basket, a rain cover, a rigid base and a comfortable mat for the nacelle as well as a color pack (kit-comfort, reducer, Urban Plus stroller: transformable into a comfortable pram!

Adapts to your child’s needs and makes life easier for parents! The stroller can easily be transformed into a semi-rigid basket and thanks to its internal padding; it ensures maximum comfort for the first baby rides outdoors.

Semi-rigid platform

The seat of the stroller is easily transformed into a comfortable pram or a semi-rigid platform. The firm base included provides great comfort to baby and makes it very convenient for parents since it is easily transportable. The padded mattress included makes it ideal for baby’s first naps. The semi-rigid nacelle is used from birth to about six months.

Chicco Urban Stroller
Chicco Urban Stroller

A complete pack and accessorized

The Urban Plus Pack is perfect. It incorporates a number of accessories, Perfectly adaptable to the stroller, delivered in a practical storage bag: a leg cover/apron convenient to keep baby warm; A removable cushion for the first months of baby; A comfort kit made up of two harness covers and a stuffed crotch strap and to finish a protective hood.

Characteristics :

• Practical and compact, the stroller folds with its seat
• Reversible seat facing road/face parents
• Full and comfortable place with a double tilt system for an ideal position
• Soft cushion, it is suitable for the first months of baby
• Convenient carrying handle
• Winter pack sold separately
• Pack sold separately

Technical characteristics:

Chicco Urban Stroller
Chicco Urban Stroller

• Open dimensions: L86-99 x 163 x H95-106 cm
• Dimensions folded without seat: L27 x H72 x D63 cm
• Dimensions folded with seat: L35 x H86.5 x D63 cm
• Platform dimensions: L87 x H64 x D43.5 cm
• Weight of stroller: 7.6kg
• Platform weight: 4.5kg

Auto-Fix Fast Seat

The Auto-Fix Fast seat is included in the pack. It comes with its base and has a removable cushion reducer. It easily attaches to the chassis of the Urban Plus stroller with an included adapter.

The Fix Fast car seat is suitable for children from birth to 13 kg (group 0+). Whether on the Urban stroller or in the car, the fastening system is convenient and safe. The installation in the vehicle can be carried out with or without the fixing base.


Characteristics :

• The Fix Fast car seat has dual homologation for use in vehicles, with or without the fixing base (included).
• New clinically tested newborn reducer designed to hold and wrap the baby’s head properly and prevent “flat head syndrome” (flattening the back of the baby’s head), to which newborns can be subjected They are pressed too much time on too hard supports.
• The polystyrene “shock absorber” uniformly dissipates the energy inside the backrest.
• Sold with the adapter that secures the Auto-Fix Fast seat on the Urban stroller.
• The new Clik Clak system allows the seat to be fixed to the chassis in a single movement.
• Ergonomic handle for easy transport.

Technical characteristics:

• Dimensions: 67 x 44 x 61 cm.
• Weight with base: 6.8 kg
• Weight without base: 4.6 kg
The Fix Fast car seat is certified according to the ECE R44 / 04 standard for transporting children from birth to 13 kg (group 0+).

User Reviews

Chicco Urban Stroller
Chicco Urban Stroller

“The car seat is easy to install on its base and very easy to clip on the stroller.
The stroller folds quickly a little bulky (folds in two so wide) but the other types of strollers are bulky too but in length.
The height of the seat is top the child is higher than in other strollers and the possibility to adjust the height of the handle and very comfortable for the parent who grows (not all the same size!).
Not use the stroller mode without the cozy yet but being able to change colors is fun. Moreover, never served the couffin mode she always was better in the cozy.
Very satisfied with this stroller! I recommend!” By Soph.

“Super stroller city or its name, what I was looking for, very easy to switch from pram mode to stroller, my baby to this day nine months and it still happens to me during a long walk of bedtime in pram mode.
I appreciate all the more the altitude of the seat compared to another stroller where the child is at the height of the exhaust.
The car seat is easy to install on its base. The stroller takes a little room in the trunk so strongly the cane stroller! But this folds in a twinkle. It is quite extensive also compare to other but right, my baby to his comfort. The storage basket under the stroller is very appreciable given its volume.
Very satisfied with this stroller and we can change pack coolers according to the seasons.” By Sandrine.

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