The guide of moms pressed to choose the best baby bottles and the best pacifier.

What a story! There are so many choices to make when you become parents. If you plan to bottle feed your baby, this guide will help you make some of these options easier. What is the best baby bottle for your baby? How many bottles will you need? Let yourself be guided!

The guide of moms pressed to choose the best baby bottles and the best pacifier.
The guide of moms pressed to choose the best baby bottles and the best pacifier.

There are the essentials …

Regarding bottle-feeding, we know that specific characteristics are essential. All the nipples in our bottles are equipped with an integrated anti-colic valve to help reduce stomach problems. Also, all our bottles are comfortable to hold and do not contain BPA.

… and that depends on your preferences

So much for the essentials. You can then begin to refine your choice taking into account your parenting style.

Do you plan to feed your baby exclusively or would you like to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding?

To ensure that you always have a bottle that helps reduce colic and adapts to your parenting style, we have designed two types of bottles: Classic + and Natural.

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Both types of baby bottles

Here is a brief overview of what differentiates these bottles, so you know which one is right for you.

Classic bottle +

What to remember about the bottle Classic +? It is a complete bottle that helps fight against colic. Clinical tests prove that it reduces crying and irritability. Its flexible nipple facilitates nursing, and its integrated anti-colic valve also simplifies cleaning and assembly, saving time.
Ideal for: bottle-fed babies

Natural baby bottle

Our Natural baby bottle is perfect for moms who want to switch between breast and bottle feeding easily. Designed to mimic the shape of the breast, the pacifier is soft and flexible but rigid enough not to crash
Ideal for: breast / bottle alternation

The right size

Now that you have chosen the type of bottle you want, you can select a size.

As your baby gets older, you will find that he can drink more milk during a feed. He will take confidence, and you will see that his stomach is not so small.

To make your life easier, we have labeled our bottles by age.

Here is a small summary:

• 0 months             60 ml
• Newborn              125 ml
• one month and +  260 ml
• three months and + 330 ml

A suitable nipple

If the size of the bottle determines the amount of milk, the flow depends on the nipple.

Remember that if you use the Natural Bottle, there is another difference, the shape of the pacifier. It is designed to mimic the shape of the breast.

Like the size of the bottle, the flow of the pacifier (or the number of holes in the pacifier) increases with the age of your baby. We also labeled our pacifiers with an indication of age, but remember that each baby develops at its own pace.

Here is a small summary:

• 0 months    Newborn flow (1 small hole)
• 0 months and +  Newborn flow (1 hole)
• one month and +  Slow flow (2 holes)
• three months and +  Average flow (3 holes)
• six months and +  Fast flow (4 holes)

When your little one is ready to drink other liquids than milk, you can also try these pacifiers:

• Variable flow         Adapt the flow according to the thickness of the liquid
• Thickened liquids  Faster flow for thicker liquids

How many bottles and teats do you need?

You may be able to tell you that your baby has more business than you! So what is the sufficient number of baby bottles? How much is it too much?

Most mothers consider that six bottles (3 small and three large) are sufficient for the first six months. If it is expected that loved ones are caring for your baby, it may be necessary to provide replacement baby bottles.

We also recommend changing the teats of baby bottles every three months.

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