Little Tikes 3’mini trampoline for kids Review Guide

Jumping on a trampoline is fun for kids. Trampolines are the best way for kids to get some exercise, spend some time outdoors, develop gross motor control skills, burn off all that energy and develop gross motor control systems. Trampolines help a child’s development in many ways:

  • Large muscles get a great workout (core, quads, glutes, calves and feet)
  • Cardiovascular benefits. Jumping for a prolonged period is a cardiovascular activity. Most urban children do not get enough chances to run and play outside so that a trampoline can be a great substitute.
  • Balance. Jumping on a trampoline requires balance.
  • Social skills. When other children are also jumping, time on a trampoline becomes a scarce and desirable commodity. This means the kids must socialize, coordinate, negotiate and agree with consensus building skills to determine whose turn it is to jump, how long time is allocated. Like kids on a playground, they bond with their fellow trampoliners.
  • Self-confidence increases with time and practice. Children learn to face their fears, and they also acquire new tricks (jump-sit-stand; jump-sit-bounce and twist- stand), flip). Success brings added self-confidence.
  • Parents are only spotters. This means that the children are learning and doing something independently, without adult intervention except as a safety net. The kids are usually much better and more coordinated on the trampoline than their parents, so as they master their bodies and jumping into the air, their parents are merely watching and not directing (except in matters of extreme health or safety risks).
  • It feels like flying! As heart rate increases with time spent rhythmically jumping and endorphins are released, kids get happy.

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Little Tikes 3'children's trampoline Review Guide: Jumping Benefits & Safe for children
Little Tikes 3’children’s trampoline Review Guide: Jumping Benefits & Safe for children

Little Tikes has been an excellent brand in our home for many years. I went ahead and bought this 3′ trampoline. Like most toddlers my son is very active, he is also fearless; often leaving me making certain we have enough to do during the day to support control his energy. This has been perfect for rainy days where going to the park is not an option. Great way to get her energy out and also a lot cheaper than going out every day! This was purchased as a present for a tall 3-year-old.

Little Tikes 3'children's trampoline
Little Tikes 3’children’s trampoline

It was easy to assemble (15 minutes), and we found it to be very sturdy and appears to be of excellent quality. It is listed as 3+, but it is okay for two-year-olds that are advanced in their motor skills. The full bar helps him keep his balance. This trampoline is the perfect size for him. The bar seems safe. Putting it together was pretty fair, but for some reason, it does not feel as rock solid as it should. Still, reliable enough to trust it, and let my little one have a blast on it.

The best part was watching this little guy burn energy. I almost felt bad. No other gift mattered once he opened this!  I have to say, and it is his favorite piece of play equipment. He can get some exercise indoors when his mom is unable to get him to the playground. It is large enough to get the job done, but not huge so it takes up much room. Other than that, this is perfect for a toddler to burn off energy indoors.

Little Tikes 3’children’s trampoline Description

Little Tikes 3'children's trampoline
Little Tikes 3’children’s trampoline
  • Perfect trampoline for toddlers to burn off energy
  • Maximum number of kids: 1
  • Maximum weight limit: 55lbs.
  • Features large jumping surface and handlebar for stability
  • Plastic and metal combination
  • Trampoline is for indoor use only
See Details: Little Tikes 3’children’s trampoline


“We purchased this for our four-year-old autistic son because it got good reviews and seemed to be easier to assemble. I will say that it was not too complicated to assemble, but there are some flaws with the design of this product. First, the protective covering that wraps around the trampoline constantly keeps coming uncovered…leaving the springs exposed. Secondly, the orange feet are not securely attached to the legs, and they are constantly coming off. If you have wooden floors, and the orange feet come off, the legs will leave circular pits in your wooden flooring. The trampoline is a good size for our son, and he LOVES jumping on it. The handle also makes it easier to grasp for those that are just learning this skill. I just wish that Little Tikes would make modifications in the two areas mentioned. Those changes would make an okay product a GREAT product.” By Charise Cole

“My two-year-old grandson & 4-year-old granddaughter love this! Keeps them occupied for hours while providing good exercise. Easy to assemble & very sturdy. As a bonus, when the grad kids are not here my German shepherd likes to lay on it instead of my furniture!” By LISA SHAMBLIN


  • This product was quite simple to assemble, with only the legs and handle needing to be attached. Took about 20 min
  • The price was right! It is a right size for a toddler.
  • The trampoline applies elastic webbing, not springs. I think the webbing is the best of accessible options as it is more durable than bungee cord and much safer than springs. In the opening, the bounce is a little firm but appears to loosen up with use.
  • The great safety bar is nice to have across the entire surface. Very helpful since I often have more than one kid bouncing at a time.


  • The foam around the handle is cracking – The foam on the handle is very just torn, or in our case, bitten off by our son.
  • A little tricky to put together–Be sure to look at the diagram carefully for which direction to turn the bar.
  • The legs seem to be un-level, so I have to put the front foot under a rug to keep it from rocking. An improvement would be to add a leveling adjustment under the legs.
  • Also, the orange stoppers keep falling off when I move it around the house. However, no biggie.
  • Wish it folded up to store when not in use.
  • You have to watch them every second to make sure they do not tip it over. However, with the nature of this toy, you would have to do that with any brand.
  • The more the children get daring, the closer we are to flipping it over. They can hang on the bar, and it starts to tilt. However, I think that is just the nature of the game.

Jumping Benefits & Safe for children

Little Tikes 3'children's trampoline
Little Tikes 3’children’s trampoline

Small kids trampolines are sufficient for maintaining balance. Help maintain a correct position of the body and legs, are effective for proper training. Jumping on a children’s mini trampoline gives your baby a ton of physical feedback, and it seems to help calm. It also seems to help with this vestibular and proprioceptive (motor) issues. Moreover, it is a great way for your baby to burn off extra energy, which in turn helps focus. Bouncing helps channel that energy in a fun and safe way. Plus, it is good exercise!

So you need to know implementing safety rules and which type of trampolines are the safest for your kids safe while jumping. If a few kids jump, they are safe.

If you are asking about the large backyard variety- the most important thing is to have good netting and real rules.

  • No more than 2 kids at a time
  • No shoes
  • Adult supervision at all times

Used correctly they can be much fun!

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