Pushchair test bench-Jogging Stroller: Between birth and the 3 or 4 years of the child, the stroller is the indispensable article of childcare par excellence.

The baby stroller should be chosen carefully. Depending on whether you live in the city or the countryside, a house or building without a lift. Also based on whether you use it every day or only for a walk. According to your profile, here are the models that match you!

Pushchair test bench-Jogging Stroller
Pushchair test bench-Jogging Stroller

How to choose your stroller

All you need to know: Budget, use, lifestyle, the age of the baby … The purchase of a stroller is reflected upstream, especially since we will use almost three years … There is models 1st age that ‘ Use at birth.

The backrest must then be able to be lowered to 180 ° or so so that the newborn is installed in the lying position on the back. The 2nd age models are suitable for children who already sit alone (between 6 and eight months). It is interesting if the first few months you carry your baby in a car seat to go from the house to the crib, or if you carry your child in a baby carrier or a sling, and then need a lightweight stroller. Whatever the age of the baby, three criteria should guide you: comfort for the child, maneuverability for the parent and solidity, To register your purchase in time. Finally, on the driver’s side, handlebars or separate handles, try in-store what you like most. The advantage of the handlebar: the stroller is operated with one hand. With two handles, it is a more compact stroller when folded, but less handy with one hand.

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BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller
BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller

Three wheels of random, Bob Revolution Pro of Britax

Ideal if you are a great hiker!
Suitable suspensions, super sensitive swivel front wheel, drum brake on the handlebars, and, above all, resistant inflatable wheels, as well as a comfort designed for the baby, installed safely: with it, you can chain the walks in the forest! Moreover, in town, it can walk on the sidewalks and stairs thanks to its excellent maneuverability.
From 6 months to 4 years.

Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller
Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller

Bugaboo Runner Running Stroller

The Bugaboo Runner is a lightweight, sporty and ergonomic jogging stroller that offers the opportunity to run with the child facing or facing the road. Ideal for sports trips and family walks.

Aerodynamics and ergonomics, Thule Glide

Thule Urban Glide
Thule Urban Glide

Ideal if you are a Running Mum!
Thule Urban Glide is an all-around sports stroller with aerodynamic design and lightweight design making it perfect for city or jogging on your personal path.


• Swivel front wheel for better maneuverability, lockable in running mode
• Ergonomic height-adjustable handle for parents’ comfort
• Rear suspension contributes to flexible and comfortable use
• Upholstered seat with ventilated top that tilts almost flat during naps
• One-hand compact folding for storage and transport
• Ample storage space with waterproof zippered cover
• A multi-position awning for extra protection with visibility from the top to keep an eye on your child

Technical characteristics

Aerodynamics and ergonomics, Thule Glide
Aerodynamics and ergonomics, Thule Glide

• Weight: 10.5 kg
• Folded Dimensions: L87.5 cm x 153 cm x H35 cm
• Complies with safety standards
• 5-point safety harness
• Shoulder width: 34 cm
• Seat height: 53 cm
• Load capacity: 34 kg

Accessories sold separately:

• Car seat adapter
• Rain cover
• Urban Glide Couch

When you want to run with your baby, lightness is essential, just like stability! Banco with this high-performance sports model, only 9.9 kg, with its wheels with profiled rims, and with a good comfort.For the child, the seat is padded,

Moreover, for the parent runner, the handlebar is adjustable and ergonomic. The fixed front wheel allows good road holding! She bends with one hand. Note that it can be used from birth in walking mode and six months, in race mode. It has just been awarded for its design at the IF Product Design in Munich. From 0 to 34 kg.

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