strollers for twins: Test a double stroller

Are you the happy parents of twins? The double stroller will probably be of great use. However, it is heavy and takes up a lot of space. To help you see more clearly, discover the main features of the double stroller, its advantages, and disadvantages and the selection criteria to consider when buying such a product.

strollers for twins: Test a double stroller
strollers for twins: Test a double stroller

General presentation of the double stroller

Very practical for twins, the double stroller comes in the form of two-seater stroller or the form of 3-in-1 equipment. Its seats are used from birth until about 36 months. To conform to the comfort of babies, the seats at the front and rear can take several positions. Depending on the model and brand, the twin stroller is equipped with a basket, a rain cover, swivel wheels, a foldable handlebar and a window at the back.

The double stroller: size and weight not to be neglected

The double stroller for twins comes in different forms and offers various combinations between the hull, the basket, and the hammock. This implies that this model is heavy and at the same time bulky. It should be emphasized; these two criteria are to be taken into account at the time of purchase. So, before you get one, remember to check that it can enter the trunk of your car. This, because the double stroller can only fold flat and then occupies a lot of space even being wrapped.

Stroller for twins: think about your comfort and that of your little ones

If you are thinking of buying a double stroller, another element that should not be overlooked is the comfort of both yours and your toddler. In this regard, some models are equipped with swivel wheels and an adjustable handlebar, which facilitates the driving of the stroller. For the comfort of the toddler, some double strollers have legrests, shock absorbers, and a soft top. So that the child sitting behind can see the road, a transparent or fully open hood is preferable.

The double stroller: the must for parents of twins

The double stroller is probably useful when you are a relative of twins, especially if mom and dad opt for equipment with two fully reclining hammocks. This can be used from the birth of children until their third or even their fourth birthday since it allows both sitting and lying.


The more compact a stroller, the easier it is to handle. If it is an “online,” the ideal is that the seats are as close as possible.

3-wheeled pushchairs, or with significant wheels provide better driving comfort (but more annoying at certain passages).

If a stroller looks interesting at first glance, see it in store, and if that’s impossible, watch there a video on YouTube to see the folding options.

Ask darling to measure the trunk of the car before any purchase (also it will make him happy)!

Go to forums and specialized blogs to read reviews.

Look for the best prices, they are sometimes not only on the internet, but many signs of child care also offers discounts to members of the departmental association’s Twin and More.

Do not hesitate to look at the used market; we can do great business with people who sell a superb stroller because it takes too much space at home!

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1. “Online” double stroller (one front, one behind)

– Advantages: reduced width (we go everywhere), modularity (the seats can be placed in almost all positions (facing the parent, the road, face to face), complementarity car (a chassis + 2 shell Cozy)

– Disadvantages: length, handling (“shopping cart” effect (imagine a shopping cart with a pack of milk placed at the end ….), The baby placed in front is inaccessible when pushing (stop to put back a pacifier )

These last two strollers are probably the most used by parents of twins, in fact, you will find it easily used, parents of “big” often want to change to a cane-double after a while.

These models are interesting for parents who often travel by car. With a combined chassis + Cozy, we just have to unclip each baby to put in the car, the folded frame taking up little space in the car.

BE CAREFUL not to confuse these TRUE twin strollers with the close-to-the-line strollers found in supermarkets, whose front seat does not lower (from 6 months)

2. “Side by side” double stroller (cane or sport)

– Advantages: weight of the stroller, more significant children can touch and communicate, compact folding (for canes), maneuverability

– Disadvantages: width, car complementarity limited (for canes), twin effect accentuated (basically: everyone wraps you in the street), from 6 months for most rods.

3. Double stroller “top and bottom.”

– Advantages: width + length, maneuverability, limited twins effect

– Disadvantages: only suitable for six months for some models, price, the child of the bottom just sees on the sides (but some like)

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