UpSpring C-Panty High Waist Best C-section Recovery Underwear 

Many women experience Diastasis Recti during pregnancy when their abdominal muscles separate. This causes the postpartum ‘gut’ that many women experience. There are ways to help heal this issue, however, which can reduce the postpartum belly sag.

There are so many ways you can lose abdomen fat. First I think you should verify from you doctor how soon you can start certain exercises after a C- Section. Now assuming your doctor gives you the green light, there are a couple of things you should know. One of them is that you lose fat by proper exercise and diet plan.

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UpSpring C-Panty High Waist Best C-section Recovery Underwear Review
UpSpring C-Panty High Waist Best C-section Recovery Underwear Review

Many women also find that UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section recovery underwear helps support their muscles as they heal from pregnancy after c section for recovery. The medical-grade silicone patch on these made the liquid bandage feel soft is durable, washable and integrated into the panty. Might be better for a different type of incision closure.It was better than the hospital issued girdle or any other girdle or c section recovery belt band.

UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery & Slimming Underwear
UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery & Slimming Underwear

The silicone strip adds some extra support and helped your pesky incision to heal much faster and reduce itchiness and redness, and protects the delicate incision area.This helped shrink my belly to size and assist the skin bounce back to form and decrease swelling, supports weakened muscles, and banishes that incision bulge. Comfortable & keeps you feeling secure all day long. Noticed a variety with the silicon patch.

The fabric feels great on your skin; It kept everything from rubbing across the incision. Overall the fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear. After my c section, it help supported my back and gave me more ease when walking. Smoothing your postpartum belly, reducing edema near incision area, clothes are less irritating to incision area, no wedgies!

Fantastic product. Yes, they are expensive and no, you will not be using them for long, but you just had a baby out of your abdomen, so you deserve to spend a few extra bucks on anything that can make you more comfortable!

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UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-section Recovery Underwear Description

UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery & Slimming Underwear
UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery & Slimming Underwear
  • 92% Nylon/8% Spandex
  • Designed especially for C-section recovery by a C-section mom and medical team. Recommended by OB/GYNs
  • Targeted medical grade compression slims post-baby belly, reduces discomfort, and helps speed
  • Patented, built-in 100% silicone panel minimizes scarring, decreases irritation, and protects incision area while contributing to banish that incision bulge
  • No painful binding waistband across your midsection and no hooks, bands or Velcro
  • Pull on and go c-section underwear for easier mobility. C-Panty can be worn directly post C-section for up to 12 months
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UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery & Slimming Underwear
UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery & Slimming Underwear

“Perfect fit and well made. Worth the money. These panties helped me in my recovery after c-section. The held everything snugs in place and helped me avoid any irritation at the site of my incision. I recommend these for anyone post c-section.” By mamamojo

“This is unbelievable! It reduced my postpartum bleeding and helped immensely with being able to stand up straighter and alleviated my back ache! I would recommend this. My only complaint is that I did not order more than one so I would have one to wear while this one was washing! I wish I’d had it with my first two c-sections!” By Jessie B.


  • Comfortable and shapes/supports well.
  • It works great.  A great amount of support and nothing that hits you anywhere tender and have the silicone for the incision site protection.
  • It fit well surprisingly. Not too tight but bit to lose.


  • Sizing is inaccurate.

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C-section recovery exercise and diet

You can reduce the baby weight after c-section. First, let your body recover from the surgery. Ask you, Doctor, when can you start exercises. Then you can slowly start a few exercises. A good start will be some resistance and aerobic training. Post c-section, abdominal exercises are not allowed till six months. After six weeks, you can resume all other exercises. After six months you can start with abdominal too.

Don’t go for the diet if your breastfeeding. It is about the food you take during and postpartum. Healthy food does not mean fat. We should now move away from traditional thoughts of eating ghee; lad n dry fruits during pregnancy n postpartum. Healthy means a balanced diet with proteins, carbohydrates. Avoiding fat will help you not to gain any extra fat more than required.

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